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Marketing Management Marketing Management Throughout the history of human social activities, marketing has played an important role in communicating the value of a product or services to customers; it appears wherever a market exists. At the beginning, there were only a handful of basic ways of marketing. As time goes by, it transforms into various kinds of methods in present, the organizations or individuals get much more choices to make the decisions which one is suitable for them. Since the computer has been invented, the expression of marketing becomes more interesting and active in most ways; some of marketing programs are more functional. However, in order to survive in today’s market, all the marketers need to be more creative and flexible about their produces or customer services in any environment. Thus, customers will more be likely to purchase their products. In order to be an effective marketer, he or she must know what customers want and what will ultimately convince them to make the purchase. However, achieving an effective marketing strategy can be difficult as consumers begin get involved with trade in the market, such as a restaurants, factories or international trade corporations, etc. Yet there are a less number of groups or individuals could actually successful. As a result of the time of environment is not perfect, maybe the marketing plan does not go well, or the profit of revenue is not enough, etc. All in all, there are some factors of success in the market business that people are difficult to control. Marketing management is the process of all activities and decisions of companies during the time of their trades in the market. A great number of people work or have corporation business in the market, and all people purchase in the market on daily basis. Therefore, it is better for every single people to learn and know more about the knowledge of marketing management, such as market definitions, modern markets, marketing environment, consumer behavior, marketing management process, training in marketing, types of marketing and global marketing. Market Definition The market has existed for a long time. Wherever humans have lived, people could always easily find a market in the neighborhood. No matter big or small, simple or fancy, people can always find something they need and wanted. Mullins, Walker and Boyd (2008) defined a market comprises of persons and associations who are interested and would like to purchase a specific good to attain advantages that will satisfy particular requirements or desires, and who has the sources (time, funds) to attract in such a business. A number of markets are adequately uniform that a corporation can train an accordant marketing project. However, due to humans have diverse requirements, desires, and sources; the whole populace of the world is rarely a possible market for a single good or serving. The number of markets were numerous and convenient, in that people could do business in several location, as well as find any product they needed. Modern Marketing Living in a fast growing, technologically advanced world, marketing in the present is becoming more and more complex. People do not just do some business or purchases in the regular market anymore. A number of them could just stay at home and do all their marketing things. Kotler, Keller, Ang, Leong, and Tan (2006) claimed marketing is all over the place, officially or unofficially, folks and groups take part in a huge amount of activities that can be named marketing. Fine marketing has become more and more of an essential factor for trade achievement; marketing deeply influences people’s daily lives. It is implanted in anything people doing the clothing we wear, the web pages we link on and the advertisements we see. As a modern human, everyone needs to learn and know more about marketing which affects people in any unexpected ways. Normal people do not even notice it when it appears. The Marketing Show More

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essay marketing and management

Marketing Management Essay

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essay marketing and management

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essay marketing and management

In this essay we will discuss about ‘Marketing Management’. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Marketing Management’ especially written for college students.

Essay on Marketing Management

Essay Contents:

Essay # 1. Definition of Marketing Management:

Some important definitions of marketing management are given below:


According to Philip Kotler:

“Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programmes designed to bring about desired exchanges with target audiences for the purpose of mutual or personal gain. It relies heavily on the adaptation and coordination of project, price, promotion and place of achieving effective response.”

According to Stanton:

“Marketing management is the marketing concept in action.”

According to Cundiff and Still:

“Marketing management is a branch of the broad area of management. It is concerned with the direction of purposeful activities towards the attainments of marketing goals.”

According to Davar’s:

“Marketing management is the process of ascertaining consumer needs, converting them into products or services and moving the product or services to the final consumers or users to satisfy needs and wants with emphasis on profitability ensuring the optimum use of the resources available to the organisation.”

Essay # 2. Characteristics of Marketing Management:

The important characteristics of marketing management may be outlined as under:-

1. Marketing is a specialised business function. In the early days, the selling function did not call for any specialised skills as the sales could have been affected on production-basis. But now the business environ­ment has undergone tremendous changes in social, economic, political and cultural aspects. The management of a firm, therefore, has to develop a particular organisation with a view to absorbing new ideas, new approaches and new market demands.

2. Marketing is a social function. It requires constant interaction with the various strata of society. It is instrumental in manipulating the factors of production, distribution, promotion and price, and also in influencing the patterns of consumption and consumer attitudes.

3. Marketing is an integrative function. It integrates and combines the other business functions like production, finance, personnel, R&D, etc. with a view to accomplishing the organisational objectives.

4. Marketing reflects the business mission of a firm before the public and society.

5. It is said that change is the only basic law of economics. Marke­ting, which is the art of distributing the products and services among the various claimants, has also only one basic law, change.

6. Marketing is a universal function. It has a universality in the sense that it can be applied to both profit-motive and non-profit motive organisations. A profit-seeking business unit is dependent on marketing. The institutions like hospital, school, university, or political association also practice marketing in popularizing the services offered by them.

7. Marketing is a management function like the management of other functions such as production, finance, personnel, etc. The business poli­cies, strategies and prograrrmes related to marketing are mostly of manage­rial functions. These are needed to be planned, organised, directed, coordi­nated, and controlled so as to achieve the marketing objectives.

Essay # 3. Objectives of Marketing Management:

The objectives of marketing management are as follows:

1. Creation of Demand:

The first objective of marketing management is to create demand through various means. A conscious attempt is made to find out the preferences and tastes of the consumers. Goods and services are produced to satisfy the needs of the customers. Demand is also created by informing the customers the utility of various goods and services.

2. Customer Satisfaction:

The marketing manager must study the demands of customers before offering them any goods or services. Selling the goods or services is not that important as the satisfaction of the customers’ needs is. Modern marketing is customer-oriented. It begins and ends with the customer.

Marketing tries to realise long-term goals of profitability, growth and stability through satisfying customers wants. All the basic activities of a business organisation like production, finance, marketing, etc. are co-ordinated to meet the wants of customers and to earn a reasonable profit.

3. Generation of Profits:

The marketing function generates revenue for the business. Sufficient Profits must be earned as a result of sale of want-satisfying products. If the firm is not earning profits, it will not be able to survive in the market. Moreover, profits are also needed for the growth and diversification of the firm.

4. National Development:

Marketing stimulates economic growth and raises level of employment in the economy. Large-scale production with all its economies is ensured through continuous marketing of products. Marketing helps integrate various sectors of the economy. It also contributes to fuller utilisation of existing resources. Moreover, marketing also promotes development of entrepreneur and managerial class in the society.

5. Higher Standard of Living:

Marketing aims at achieving, maintaining and raising standard of living of the community. It helps expand production and adds to variety of goods and services available for consumption by people.

6. Creation of Goodwill:

Goodwill, as we know, is nothing but profits enjoyed by firm or organisation due to its reputation. By selling goods at reasonable rates and thus satisfying the consumers, the marketing functions help in building of goodwill. This in return increases sales and profits due to reliability and thus, circle goes on.

Essay # 4. Nature of Marketing Management:

Marketing management is one of the important operative functions of business. It is that functional area of business management which is concerned with the marketing of products and services. It involves planning, organising, directing and controlling the activities relating to the marketing of goods and services to satisfy the needs of customers.

It is the marketing concept in action. It includes all activities which are necessary to determine and satisfy the needs of consumers. Thus marketing research and product planning are integral parts of marketing management.

Marketing management is goal directed. It attempts to satisfy the needs of customers by offering them want-satisfying products and generate profits for the business. It determines the appropriate marketing mix of the firm. Product design, its promotion, its pricing and its distribution are synchronised so as to maximise the sales volume.

The chart below depicts the nature of marketing function at a glance:

Nature of Marketing

Essay # 5. Scope of Marketing Management:

Marketing management is that part of the business management which is concerned with marketing, i.e. leading and co-coordinating the various activities of the business firm in getting its goods and services to its customers. It can, thus, be descri­bed as a specialised function having a scope to regulate the level, timing and character of demand far the goods and services in order to accomplish the stated objectives of a business firm. Its scope extends to the marketing process and involves the planning, organising, staffing, motivating, co­ordinating and controlling the marketing factors to achieve the organisa­tional goals.

Accordingly, the scope of marketing management covers a cluster of activities like –

(a) Planning of marketing strategy and policy;

(b) organising sales, selling and distribution method and procedures;

(c) organising and monitoring the stocks at optimum levels such that the customer demand is met without any difficulty and without allowing the investment in stock to cross predetermined limits; and

(d) organising and maintaining the effectiveness in the activities of sales promotion, advertisement, credit control and services after sales.

The scope of marketing management, when viewed from the functional aspects, can be charted as below:-

Scope of Marketing Management

Essay # 6. Importance of Marketing Management:

The present day business world has undergone rapid change and transformation, rather a metamorphosis, in the last few decades. Rapid growth of population, changes in tastes and preferences of buyers, emergence of income-based different classes of buyers/consumers, commercialisation of technological innovations, direct foreign investment in various parts of the world and the emergence of nati­onal strategy and pressure groups like trade associations, chambers of commerce, international and national business leaders, rising expectations of the public have all made the business environment complex.

A business firm, basically a micro-unit, is not isolated from the world around it. In other words, a thorough understanding of the economic, social, cultural, and political environments in which a business firm operates has become a major priority for management.

The marketing management of a business entity has to understand these environmental aspects. The future develop­ment of business firm in the background of these environmental factors largely depends on the importance and seriousness attached to the marketing functions.

In a modern enterprise, the objective of the marketing department is not so much to find customers for goods and services produced by the firm as it is to find ways in which the resources of the firm can be used to meet the needs of the potential consumers and maximise profit.

Thus the marketing management may recommend that the existing products of the firm be removed from production because they are no longer profitable and that new products be added. Therefore, the marketing department or manage­ment plays a key role in determining the strategy of the firm in its quest to maximise profit.

On the marketing side, economic variables along with personal tastes underlie the demand or sales forecast for a commodity. These are also the factors that determine price elasticity, income elasticity and cross elasticity of demand. In preparing a marketing strategy, it is the marketing management of a firm that must consider the structure of the market.

The chart below shows how the marketing management and operational management can come together to devise the market strategy for the firm that meets the objectives of both the consumers and business firms. Three sets of variables are shown — market structure, economic variables and technological variables. These are external to and beyond the control of the firm, but which the marketing management of a firm may seek to influence to its advantage through, research and promotional activities.

essay marketing and management

Free Marketing Management Essays and Papers

essay marketing and management

Marketing Management

"Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others." (Kotler et al, 2003:13). Marketing is a key aspect within a business and has several different functions. Some of these functions include, research, analysis, promotion, pricing and distribution. These functions lead into the evolution of the five alternative concepts under which organisations conduct marketing activities

Marketing Management Marketing Management While researching through texts and documents, I found several careers that would interest a leader, yet only a few are in high demand and will cause a growth in jobs in the community. Marketing is in the top jobs to have in the US during 2012-2013 according to US News. Marketing general management is mostly about business, advertising, sales, products, income, costumers, etc. This research paper will help you get a better idea on how the marketing business

Use of the newspapers, radio, magazines, television and brochures, are some of the traditional marketing modes. Technological advancements have brought about new and efficient advertising means. Web marketing relates to application of internet tools in marketing of products and services such as online publications, video and audio files among others posted in websites. Online coverage last longer and can be retrieved in future (24/7) by interested customers. Newspapers and magazines are only bought

significant current approach for marketing, and along with the increase to a higher level of customer consciousness, my study intends to propose a theoretical framework for customer satisfaction in internet shopping. The Internet invention can create and/or improve competitive advantage based on two perspectives. At the first, businesses can incorporate and establish an accurate market segmentation mechanism (Ryan, 2004), seeing that market segmentation information can help marketing managers learn more about

Marketing Management: The Career Of A Marketing Manager

In recent discussions of the career in marketing management, an issue has been whether one is able to deal with the stress of creating the ideas that upholds a company’s profit. On the one hand, some argue that there are incredibly long hours of work during the week along with a high stress level. On the other hand, however, some argue that these long hours pay off with the high salary received. A marketing manager is the general manager who regulates marketing strategies and make sure they add up

Marketing Manager Job : Marketing Management

Marketing Manager Job Analysis Introduction The Marketing manager’s job remains valuable for the company because of the needs associated with marketing the product. Hence, the Job analyst requires looking at capabilities and responsibilities that make an individual qualified for the job. Equally, an analyst requires updating the required skills with the changing times. Job analysis directly links to the establishment of other valuable personnel tools, including job evaluation, job specification,

International Marketing Management

Marketing is one of the significant aspects, which is considered by every organisation for global expansion. It is important for the business to manage its marketing structure to promote the products to the new market. Moreover, the concept of marketing is vital as it is based on the targeted market and the type of the product to be promoted. In this regard, it is stated that, one of the marketing agencies has been requested by a global chocolate manufacturer to work with them for the launch of a

Marketing Management Concepts Of Marketing, Marketing And Market Goals

Chapter 1 : Discuss the four marketing? It is known as “marketing mix” those variable mix together to create a result to achieve the market goal Product: goods or services. when we develop a product there are things to take into consideration such as : quality, features, packaging ,delivering ,design And for services, customer service before and after the service . Place: it includes distribution and logistic, location for the store, how to get the product delivered to the customer . also the

Environment Marketing Management

nature is important subject of great relevance. In this way I decided to attend the course of environmental marketing management, in critical way to everything I was learning and studying. This moved from my personal idea that each writing or article that we read is not objective, but subjective. Luckily in this period of study, I had opportunity to study for Environmental marketing management and my exam of Public Economics and discovering how the subject are related under the argument of bad externalities

Sports Management and Marketing

Sports Management and Marketing Management is tasks. Management is a discipline. But management is also people (Drucker, 1999) Management is a very broad term and has been given many different definitions. Smith and Stewart (1999) define it as ‘The system of planning, organising, actuating and controlling the co-ordination of resources for the efficient and effective delivery and exchange of products and services’ (p7). This definition incorporates 4 major principles that almost every definition

MIDTERM Examination: Marketing Management

MIDTERM EXAMINATION: MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1. Why is Marketing important? Marketing is about identifying and meeting human social needs. It is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Marketing is important for it makes the company’s products or services reach the hearts and minds of its clients and makes them aware of those products through some

Phillip Koler's Contribution To Marketing Management

contribution to marketing made by an influential scholar, I decided to choose Phillip Kotler. Phillip Kotler was born on the 27th of May 1931 in Chicago. He was a character who strived during his educational times as he contains a Masters degree from the University of Chicago as well as a PhD from MIT both in the field of Economics. He is known as not just a famous Marketer but a renown author who has published over 55 books such as “Principles of Marketing“ “ A Framework for Marketing Management“ and “Marketing

Marketing Strategies For Selling And Sales Management

Summary Although there is an abounding practice of research in selling and sales management, a considerable amount of knowledge rests on theories and paradigms that were forward-thinking in past decades. In order to keep up with a demanding marketplace, the paradigms and theories will need revision. According to authors Rackham and DeVincentis: Sales forces are caught in the middle. On one side, their customers have changed dramatically in terms of how they purchase and what they expect. On the other

Marketing Management Case Study

Marketing management refers to the process of planning and implementing ideas, pricing, distribution and promotion of ideas create an exchange of personal and institutional objectives. Marketing management is a process that includes analysis, planning, execution and control. It managed objects contain ideas, products, and services. The basis of marketing management is exchange, and the purpose is meets the need of customers. The main task of marketing management is to stimulate consumer

Marketing Resource Management Case Study: Teradata Corporation

is now part of the Teradata Corporation as its chief Marketing officer (CMO), the company had been in business for almost 11 years. It was a very strong company that had enjoyed a great success in the marketing resource management (MRM), the multichannel campaign, and in the enterprise marketing management space for a few years. It had more than 200 blue-chip companies who used Aprimo marketing software and services to enhance their marketing outcomes and capability. In 2011, the applications have

Assignment: Case Study: Franchising And Marketing Management

US 6412 Franchising and marketing management harpreet brar Student ID 15101 Task 1 Toyota is a big car company in world Toyota have a franchises all over the world normally Toyota is famous for good cars day by day this company going is growing and nowadays Toyota also start design electrical goods and other so ,any things .this company stablish in 1867 . and now this company is in all over the world and mostly Toyota have franchises in every country and individuals also have good experience with

Marketing Information Systems (MkIS) Support for the Marketing Management Process

Marketing Information Systems (MkIS) Support for the Marketing Management Process Introduction More and more, companies are faced with the need to control an ever larger and rapidly changing marketing environment. The information processing requirements of companies are expanding as their competitive environment becomes more dynamic and volatile (Child, 1987). To handle the increasing external and internal information flow and to improve its quality, companies have to take advantage of the opportunities

Reflective Journal: A Reflection On Marketing Management

This report/reflective journal has been prepared as a reflective work of my group in Marketing Management course. The main purpose of this reflective journal is to redirect how I and my team mates worked while undertaking the module. The main point of writing this Reflective journal is to include my actual thoughts and reaction during this module. This reflective journal is personal learning experiences. I have been asked by the university of faculty sciences to write a individual reflective journal

Marketing MA Management and International Business

Marketing MA Management and International Business Introduction CRM is a term for methodologists, technologies and e-commerce capabilities -used by companies to manage customer relationships. (Foss, 2001:1) It is also called customer management, customer care and sometimes customer centricity or customer-centric management. (Brown, 2000:1) All the names and definitions of CRM have customer, as its core-it is the management of customer relationships, which attempts to revolutionize

Marketing Tools as Strategic Management Tools

MBA COHORT 1 ADELEKAN TEMITOPE A. 1323260 INTRODUCTION. This essay goes to analyse and discuss the various marketing tool or we can refer the marketing tools as strategic management tools. The two (2) marketing tools I’ll be talking about are Ansoff Matrix and SWOT analysis in other to simply demonstrate the competitive advantage and also show the ways in which it is involved in making the strategic business unit in an exceedingly market sector. Company to be analysed: MTN NIGERIA A PART OF MTN

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essay marketing and management

Essay Paper on Marketing Management

Marketing management is an important career. Professionals in any career need to sell their product or service, they need to know how to introduce it to the merchandise. Marketing managers know how to do it. They develop strategies to sell products and services analyzing the merchandise. They develop an advertisement and promotion plan so that they appeal to customers. They need to keep track of trends through trade journals and shows and they also consult to buyers to figure out which products or services will be most in demand.

Marketing managers also handle conflicts, such as copyright infringement and royalty sharing, with those outside the company. Marketing managers are people who persuade people to buy products, they need to convince others to buy goods or change their minds or actions. They are also people who have a high level of social interaction, they speak clearly and are good listeners since they have to communicate with supervisors, peers or subordinates; they deal also with people outside the organization. They establish and maintain relationships. They analyze and process information, and use logic to identify problems and apply solutions.

They train, develop and coordinate the work of others since there are responsible for the results of work done by others Those people are absolutely creative, they have to think of original, unusual and creative ideas and solutions, they must be able to see detail of objects and differences between colors, shades and brightness They should be organized in their time and organized in finances, they should know how to spend the money in an efficiently way as well as keep track of how the money was used. They must be prepared to work under press ion; they may work 50 hours a week or more and travel often to meet with sales representatives and clients. As in every profession, marketing managers need knowledge, they should know Sales and Marketing as well as administration and management.

Mathematics is also important, they may use a mathematical method to solve problems, and they must be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and correctly. Communication and media is also important since they need the knowledge of producing, sharing and delivering information or entertainment. They need to speak fluently at least English as a second language, if is the English the first language, they should know another one and be able to write it, read it, and speak it fluently. Economics and accounting are important since they need to know about producing, supplying, and using goods and services.

They need to know geography and description of a place. Law, Government and jurisprudence is important, they need to know the laws, rules, court procedures and the political process. They need to study sociology and anthropology as well as psychology, to understand the behavior, customs, origins of groups of people and mental process. Fine arts, since they need to be creative and original. Marketing managers are independent people; they like to make their own decisions and take risk for profit. They consider good working conditions important where they can find opportunities for them to advance and be recognized for their work.

Relationships are important for marketing managers, they like to do things for other people. In this career, there are two important things, knowledge and experience. Most of marketing managers have a bachelor’s degree, and some of them learn their skill by working for a company for a long period. The wage vary widely, depending on the manager’s level of education, experience and responsibility, wages also vary by the size of the company Employment for marketing managers in Oregon and the nation (U.S.A) is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2010. The demand is significant. For motivated and well-trained marketing managers, there are many opportunities for advancement in this occupation. You can work any place in the world and gain experience. Successful marketing managers may become top executives, and with sufficient experience and money they may open their own business.

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Marketing Management Essay

Marketing management and faith integration essay.

In summary, marketing is very important for a business to achieve success. Many businesses have a difficult time in this area. With the stiff competition, businesses struggle to stand out among others. Other companies resort in unethical and unfair schemes just to win the competition. But eventually find themselves in great loss and failure. As businesses all over the world enter into a gigantic marketplace, every business owner is faced with convoluted market competition. Nevertheless, any entrepreneur can be different and become successful in this matter. In every product sold and in every service provided, patience and hard work should take precedence to ensure quality. Products and services should be marketed honestly, planning should not be done with evil

Marketing Numdies Essay

Competitive advantage - Nundies is an innovative product which provides an alternative to visible panty lines; no other company produces the same type of product

Organizational Goals Of A Manager

Strategic management develops an organizations plan for how they will do what it’s in business to do. “Strategic management is used to look at and plan the future” (Yakup, & Zeynep Derya 2016). The role of planner for a manager also comes with its challenges, in these cases he must remain calm and resorts to his strategic weapons: employee skills, innovation, social media and bench marking. A manager that can stay calm and in control under a time of uncertainty, are better capable of coming up with a better solution/plan. A manager can do this is by becoming open to ideas and allowing lower organizational levels to make plans this promotes innovation, a better work environment, improved manager-employee relationship, and loyalty to the company.

Essay on Business Marketing

Examine the nature of the distinctive managerial, organisational and developmental characteristics of small businesses vis-à-vis well-resourced large companies. What are the implications of such distinctiveness for small businesses attempting to achieve sustained growth?

marketing essay

Discuss what is meant by the term “customer orientation”. Illustrate with examples how companies demonstrate their customer orientation by reference to at least two elements of the marketing mix.

Marketing At The 21st Century

Marketing is one of the main the fundamentals of a successful business in the sense of profitability. It is the concept of selling your product or service to the market in the industry that specific business is competing. However, marketing involves a complex process beyond just letting people know about the products or services that a company has to offer. It is a tool that projects the business 's image to the public as a form of strategic approach to outperform the desired business plan. The field of marketing entails a wide variety of concepts, and as the communication has changed over time, it has also brought a whole new set of implications in the subject mattered. Marketing in the 21st Century is mainly focused on delivering a customer experience, customers are not as easily amused when it comes to new products, we are on a constant search for new, better and easier to use products, and with this, the marketing strategies have been keeping up with the changes as well.

Essay about Mgt 521 Week 2 " Functional Areas of Business"

Improving marketing has become a top priority of successful inventors and corporations. Most corporations’ research different groups and needs in the marketplace, satisfy the consumers in a superior way by targeting their wants and needs. All marketing strategies are built on segmentation, targeting, positioning, and then position its offering so that the target market recognizes the company’s image and terrific offerings. There are many different business areas which will sometimes play a huge factor such as, finance, accounting, information systems, marketing, and strategic management.

An Analysis of Marketing Essay

An Analysis of Marketing As defined by Kotler and Armstrong (1994) marketing is “a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others”. Marketing is an extensive topic.

Marketing Analysis and Strategy Essay

Currently the inflation rate is stable at three percent or less per year, and the consumer price index is steady with approximately 1.5-2 percent change per year.   A stable economy without significant inflation will likely maintain the strong spending power of the consumer. The consumer’s dollar will be stretched further allowing them to purchase more goods. Low inflation rates will also persuade the Federal Reserve Board to keep rates low allowing free economic growth as rates increase.

marketing Essay

     Race and racism have been around since mankind made its first steps on the planet and it has brought upon violence, submissiveness, cruelty, and sexism into the world. A great representation of these themes and issues was brought by LeRoi Jones, who wrote “The Dutchman”. The play itself is a great representation of the relationships of races in America during the 60’s and can even been connected to today’s society. The Dutchman mainly focuses on the black-white relationship but can also be drawn to other cultures and races. I, myself, can also relate to what LeRoi Jones wrote in one way or another. Being a different culture and not being accepted was the first façade of America that I got

Whsmith Marketing Strategy

In the context of global expansion and competition of numerous businesses, effective marketing management is one of the key factors of success, playing an essential role in obtaining competitive advantage. Hence, the success of a company is determined by its ability to identify customers’ needs and offering products and/or services to satisfy them.

Marketing Unit Essay

Marketing Unit Throughout this unit I am going to try to develop my own marketing strategy and techniques for the company Tommy Hilfiger. The store that I will be assessing is the Bluewater store. I will attempt to identify the methods and strategies that are used by the company when promoting and trying to increase

Marketing Analysis : Marketing Strategies Essay

Emerging in the early 1900’s, marketing strategies are a fairly youthful practice in the world of business. Nearly a century later, product and service exposure has evolved into the focal point of all business strategies. Majoring in marketing with a concentration in fashion merchandising, I regularly seek out new ways to emerge myself in the world of fashion advertising. My focus narrows in on the collision of fashion and its consumers. After conducting thorough research, it is evident that there is a drastic pivot away from traditional marketing methods toward digital marketing strategies. In an age where technology seems just as important as the oxygen we breathe, I uncovered both the positives and negatives of marketing via social media versus traditional marketing methods. Traditional marketing methods include publishing advertisements through outlets such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, and radio broadcasts, while digital marketing channels consist of social media, pay-per-click advertisements, and newsletters. Triumphing these various marketing strategies, Social Media marketing takes the spotlight in a majority of 21st century business approaches. When pondering why the fashion industry chooses social media marketing rather than traditional marketing methods, it is important to take into consideration various factors. The fashion industry chooses this marketing technique because social media marketing reaches a larger audience, creates strong parasocial

Businesses Are Profit Seeking Entities Essay

Businesses are profit-seeking entities. Hence, the main aim of businesses is to survive and grow. In order to achieve these objectives, businesses have to satisfy the consumers’ needs. Marketing helps to realise this through marketing activities. By helping to sell, marketing activities contribute to the creation of wealth. According to the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) “Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumers’ requirements profitably.” In other words, marketing helps businesses to put a product on the market at the right place, at the right price, and at the right moment using the most suitable promotion. For example, a company has no interest in selling solar panel in countries where there are not a lot of sunshine pear year or in selling scholar supplies a long time after the back-to-school period. To elaborate plans for a good or a service, businesses therefore use marketing activities such as the process of segmentation of the market that leads to the identification of a target market (for example, a certain part of the population such as teenagers or family) In order to satisfy its target market, firms manipulation some controllable variables (price, promotion…) also known as Marketing Mix. However, for a company to survive and grow, identifying and trying to anticipate the consumers’ needs is not a sufficient condition. Companies also need to accommodate to the constant marketing environment

Marketing Is A Major Part Of Business Activity Since The 1960 ' S

Marketing has become a major part of business activity since the marketing revolution in the 1960’s. Keith (1960, p.35) identified that “marketing is emerging as the most important single function in business,” around 50 years since its emergence, marketing is now a fundamental function in any businesses operations. While most people believe that marketing is exclusively about promotion and selling, the marketing process entails conducting many more essential functions and activities before the products are even sold (Kotler, Shaw, Fitzroy & Chandler 1983). As identified by Kotler et al. (1983, p. 4), “if the marketer does a good job of identifying consumer needs, developing appropriate products, and pricing, distributing and promoting them effectively, these goods will sell very easily.” While the concept of selling and promoting are important, they are only part of the much bigger marketing process and mix. This directly correlates to the marketing concept of customer value. This concept is crucial in the marketing process as the organisation will not be able to sell a product unless it satisfies consumer needs and provides them with the ultimate value. For the customer to want to connect with the organisation they must feel they are gaining more from the product than they need to put in (Smith and Colgate, 2007). Due to the necessity to satisfy consumer needs an inextricable relationship exists between successful marketing and the creation of customer value.

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Essay Sample on Marketing Management

Essay Sample on Marketing Management


Marketing Management refers to a process of coming up with strategies and various plans for services or products, advertising promotional activities and sales to get to the intended customer segment. Marketing management involves analysis of the industry where the company operates by employing various tools from competitive strategy and economics. Marketers always conduct a SWOT analysis in coming up with the profile of every competitor which is detailed. This paper, therefore, focuses on how marketing management is critical to the success of any company and how companies analyze the market before making an informed decision on how to reach the desired segment.

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Marketing Management has numerous objectives among them being the creation and acquisition of new customers, improving the organization's profitability and satisfying the various customer needs. It also helps in determining the ideal marketing mix and aid in the improvement of living standards of people (McDonald, 2016).

The various steps involved in the marketing management process include the following:

Marketing management involved the use of tools from the competitive strategy and economics in analyzing the industry. Competitors analysis consists in building the profiles of every competitor in the same market which in turn help the company to focus on their strength and weaknesses through SWOT analysis. The marketing managers always look at the cost structures of the competitors, sources of their profit, competencies and resources for them to position well and carry out product differentiation adequately (Cherney, 2018).

Marketers always use various techniques in conducting marketing research, and the most common ones include but not limited to qualitative methods of marketing research such as different types of interviews and the focus groups. Another technique widely employed is the quantitative analysis which involved a statistical survey. Other techniques such as experimental and observations are also used in conducting marketing research before coming up with the appropriate marketing mix.

McDONALD, M., 2016. Strategic marketing planning: theory and practice. The marketing book (pp. 108-142). Routledge.

Chernev, A., 2018. Strategic marketing management. Cerebellum Press. Retrieved on 10th February 2019

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My Career in Marketing Management

Introduction, importance of the marketing management degree.

Marketing is a practice done by individuals, institutions, and managerial entrepreneurs to manufacture and correspond to buyers who might be customers or dealers. The whole process ensures organizations offer and takes commodities and services to and from their partners, clients, customers, or the whole society nationally and internationally. Marketing creates a business environment hence, the main reason why a degree in marketing is an asset in the success of most business enterprises. The whole process serves as the main basis for determining an organization’s market segment (American Marketing Association, 2007, Para. 4).

The success of any business opportunity and enterprise depends solely on the marketing managerial skills used by the company or firm in relinquishing its products to customers who are the main consumers. Marketing management is a module that has all potential dynamics including modalities, techniques, and customs of a firm. This helps in the application of correct and available wealth and tricks for the success of the business venture. The role of the marketing managers is to ensure that, there is a wider influence on customers’ expertise, proper instance schedule, and defining and predicting the demand geared to produced commodities. As a marketing student, these are the modules to grasp which find wide application in the field of marketing management. My degree in marketing management is a theory focusing on practicality and reality in the business environment. The skills acquired range from commercial norms, type of engagement industry, and the business magnitude. If the business enterprise is bigger, then marketers require higher skills to manage it well (Conley & Friedenwald, 2006, pp.7-9).

A degree in marketing management creates an insight thought to the learners who will make pragmatic business and marketing pronouncements in a vastly growing market full of demands and liquidities. Companies need brand design, media residencies, proper distribution of goods, and clear management that will succeed in vending the products. This is what I learn in my marketing degree. Wide and extensive knowledge of customer needs and their feedback achieved in class is a reckoning force that is instrumental in determining the demands of customers through brands created and marketing strategies employed for the welfare of the firm. A degree in marketing gives one an insight on how to develop a modality that will enable one to calculate the profitability of a brand or product. On the other hand, such calculations will help an organization to ensure there is a unified success both in sales and production (Jenkinson, 2006, pp.248-252).

Some people may argue that everybody is a marketer whether with a degree or not. However, a degree in marketing exposes one to marketing researches, which somebody who has no knowledge in marketing research cannot undertake. There should be a mutual understanding of strategic marketing, which is the main source of consumer behavior and characteristics. To learn strategic marketing, one requires skills taught in class by researchers who have experienced market trends. Strategic marketing involves modules that create a business environment, which tolerates the concentration of a firm’s resources. This helps to realize a competitive market with increased sales, through the application of appropriate marketing strategies. The central role of a marketer is to ensure that there is customer satisfaction, hence the main importance of marketing degrees. A marketing degree encompasses strategic models, different types of methodologies, plans and steps to undertake, and most important, strategic corporate ideologies. A marketing degree helps an individual to dedicate and focus modalities that will create higher sales and perhaps reach the targeted market forte.

As a marketer, the skills learned in-class work are instrumental in making promotions of products produced by a firm. If firms need to sell their produces effectively and make a higher percentage profit, then all must start with excellent product promotions. On the other hand, making good judgments on product costs, first-class distribution environments, and outstanding relations with other stakeholders can propel a business up the economic ladder. Conducting correct sale procedures determine the amount of revenue generated by organizations, and they sorely depend on marketing strategies. If poor marketing strategies are applied, then all organizations expect is poor business transactions caused by meager demands from customers, who are consumers of products produced by different firms. Marketing strategy as a module of marketing management enables a marketer to manage the targets of a firm. This is because they help to determine a viable market, where demand is high, when and where to carry out market promotions. In addition, they help to determine how a firm can distribute resources to all departments to achieve success in its business.

Through learning, marketers are able to learn how to handle customers who are the main backbone of a firm’s revenue. Individuals who prospect to be marketers must know how to use customer knowledge effectively in realizing their wants and rejections. In addition, the knowledge helps to know how to search for a viable environment where demand is lofty and competition is at the brim. A marketing career requires a marketer to have enormous skills in terms of corporate targets, operations, and policies, which establish the success of the firm in terms of demands and sales. Moreover, a degree in marketing is rich in useful skills concerning market trends from capitalization to supremacy (Bush, Shannahan & Dupuis, 2007, pp.40-45). One is able to distinguish between different types of market trends like who is a follower, a niche, a challenger and a market leader hence make a sound judgment on what to add to a market. This in turn will increase competition and create profound sales of commodities produced. Penetration into market dominance is not in-born but rather acquired through learning and acquiring experience from the arena of marketing.

New product development and a good strategy framework form an integral part of a marketing professional. Product differentiation and market segmentation are leadership strategies acquired through learning whereby, communication skills play an important role in ensuring the success of a firm’s strategic marketing policies. Marketers are able to develop marketing plans for their companies later in their profession because they have extensive knowledge of the same. On the other hand, demand realization requires convincing customers to buy expensive and cheap products through proper sensitization of such products. The majority of actions by marketers sway Customers, which include making research proposals, determining the price of the products (in an aggressive market environment), proper promotional services, and superb distribution of products to potential customers. These market segmentation strategies help in solving multifaceted situations facing marketing strategies of a specific firm’s market segmentation.

Any business enterprise whether small or big demands business ethics and adherence to business law. Strategies used by marketers during the overall process of strategy internalization will depend on the amount of knowledge acquired through learning. A firm’s reputation and its business environment are fostered by research and consumerist projects, hence consideration of many marketing factors (Maignan & Ferrel, 2005, pp.3-5). Strategic marketing plans originating from professional marketers try to answer complex situations, which determine the viability of the business. Through research, marketers realize the strengths and weaknesses of a firm, achievements, and customer demand. In addition, researchers can learn methods of increasing an organization’s promotions in order to attract more and more customers. Marketers and organization’s management realize business behavior by the conceptual analysis of the demands from market feasibility. This induces a signal to the firm and marketers on whether to adopt different measures or employ new mechanisms to deal with the problems that may tend to jeopardize the entrepreneurial setting of an organization.

In conclusion, Marketers are the driving forces of firms and all business organizations, if the product sale and customer demand are under question, then the potentiality of organizations should question the potential of marketers. Good marketers are those who can transform their knowledge into finished products. In a marketing language, both the organization and consumers see products produced as clarifications, whereas promotions constitute a demanding portfolio from customers. Fixation of the price on services and products gives worth to a company, which must generate enough revenue to cater for expansion and business fitness. If an organization or a business unit distributes services and products according to the knowledge of the marketers then, there will be easier accessibility of such goods by customers hence a higher demand. Generally, a marketing degree is good for a business to thrive as one can apply it in ensuring proper marketing strategies, increased demand from customers, making research proposals, and determining a viable market environment.

American Marketing Association, 2007. Definition of Marketing. Web.

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Conley, C., and Friedenwald, F., 2006. Marketing that Matters . San Francisco. Koehler Publishers. Web.

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Maignan, I. and Ferrell, O.C., 2004. Corporate social responsibility and Marketing: An Integrative framework. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , 32(1), pp. 3-19.

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"My Career in Marketing Management." StudyCorgi , 20 Nov. 2021,

1. StudyCorgi . "My Career in Marketing Management." November 20, 2021.


StudyCorgi . "My Career in Marketing Management." November 20, 2021.

StudyCorgi . 2021. "My Career in Marketing Management." November 20, 2021.

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Marketing Management Concept Overview Essay

Introduction, role of market insights in enabling outside-in strategies, role of market insights in analysing customer behaviour, role of market insights in customer centricity, role of market insights in dealing with abundance and automation, reference list.

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The industry of market research was orderly, predictable and fairly calm in the past days when professionals worked for suppliers and companies in marketing departments. These professionals worked in an environment with well defined space and roles. As such, they were specialised in research where they assessed various attitudes that affected consumer behaviour (Peck & Payne 2008, p. 13).

In addition, statistics, survey designs, voter behaviour, and sociology became an important strategy in marketing. This was followed by apprenticeships where professionals were promoted to project directors from research assistants. A bit of predictability and stability were obtained in this system of market research, but it did not last for long.

In the recent past, many organisations have experienced a growth in customer relationship management, market research, data mining, and competitive intelligence. It has become a crucial strategy for companies to clearly understand their marketing approaches as well as identify and know each of their customer’s taste and needs since this information is fundamental in marketing (Powell 2010, p. 300).

Besides, understanding the customer’s requirements helps organisations to open new markets and services that suit the needs of their clients. On the other hand, it is thought that an individual customer is equivalent to an atom of business, and a group of individuals comprise a market with huge potential for demand.

Insight in marketing plays an important role in shaping the strategies of outside-in companies.

Insights that are strategically useful address the real needs of the customers, identify places of weakness where other companies are likely to exploit, give possible explanations concerning customer defections and ways of retaining them, predict the likely outcome if a company cuts prices of selected products, and choose the most appropriate media to be used in marketing.

Also, these insights are valuable to a company because they assist in the development of strategic decisions regarding the outside-in companies in many ways.

To begin with, strategy decisions act as a guideline for a company to draw fact-based and practical conclusions. This is because market responses that drive the customer’s value and market structures related to competitive positions and segments are developed and used by outside-in companies through a widespread database. The factuality of these decisions results from the captured profitability of the outside-in companies.

Again, practical information regarding the market is obtained through the value that firms accord ethnographic work, which statistically analyses and predicts models (Anderson 2011, p. 20). On the other hand, the development of strategy decisions helps firms to anticipate their competitors’ countermoves and moves.

The fact that today’s world is interdependent makes it essential for a company to identify and understand its potential competitor. For example, the software game that was developed by Nintendo was an original idea of Microsoft and Sony. Nevertheless, the Wii of Nintendo provided an enjoyable experience with appealing demographics.

On the contrary, the production costs of Nintendo were less since their game lacked expensive features like those of Sony and Microsoft. Overall, this was possible because Nintendo took advantage of the closely associated operations between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. In addition, Nintendo was aware that it was not going to face attacks from its competitors.

Furthermore, market insights develop strategic decisions that in turn connect with networked customers. This is because of promising new channels and media that have effectively increased access to customers at fragmented costs. This move has seen the loss of efficacy in traditional methods of communication such as mass media (Fiol & Marlene 2011, p. 191).

The invention of facebook and twitter has enabled firms to engage directly with customers, and this has been advantageous to firms since they understand their customer’s taste, where and when they need their products. One practical example can be drawn from Hewlett-Packard when they were designing their new entertainment laptop.

The company launched an online competition via MTV and the web, where the announcement attracted over five million hits. In fact, this latest development forced HP to reassess its sales strategy. In other words, the concept of outside-in thinking has made it easier for firms to interact freely with their customers in a productive manner.

Finally, it is factual that a company with good insight into its market identifies and acts on growth opportunities before its competitors (Irons 2007, p. 6). For instance, the customers of Walmart Pharmacy could not afford the company’s full prescription and therefore broke the pills into half.

In attempt of utilising this opportunity, Walmart offered cheaper prescriptions at $4. Inasmuch as this prescription included generic medications, this move brought a series of customers most notably the uninsured into Walmart.

It is illustrious that customers who belong to a particular company form its market, and it is the responsibility of these companies to decode their customer’s demand force. When a company knows its potential customers and the particular benefits they achieve from their products, it becomes easier for that company to predict and explain its performance.

It is the role of marketing units in companies to integrate all broken pieces of information regarding their customers. This information is then transformed into recommendations that are channelled into board members of a particular company for action.

In the long run, the customer’s behaviour is well understood. Thus, appropriate communication strategies between a company and its target are derived and this leaves the company in a better position to enhance trust between itself and its consumers.

In order to identify market insights, firms analyse transactional database and conduct market research. This has made it possible for companies to determine each customer’s price sensitivity, usage patterns and preferences. Hence, this information remains pivotal in retention, determination of cross sell policies and pricing of products within a company.

However, this will not be possible unless companies aim at attracting potential customers into their market through a precise evaluation of customer attitude. Presentations of market insights can be in the form of segmentations, control experiment verses test results, cause-effect relationships, rejected or confirmed hypothesis, and various scores on financial and marketing metrics.

Moreover, market strategies involve the identification of how and where to compete effectively. In order to achieve this, a proper market insight is needed to establish the customer’s taste, segments and the 4P’s. It is the synergy of technological advances, proper understanding of the market and its trends that differentiate between a successful and an unsuccessful company (Wright 2008, p130).

In line with the ongoing discussion, it is only possible for a company to set successive long term approaches if it focuses on its customers. For example, firms have been unsuccessfully struggling to assess various long term effects of their promotions.

It was until they adopted their customer’s measure of promotional activities that they were able to determine their loyalty. This way, the seemingly unprofitable promotions maintained a cheap image that in turn retained their customer’s loyalty.

It is thought by many people that customer centricity is the process of replacing traditional product marketing strategies with current consumer trends. However, the correct definition of customer centricity is the process of balancing the requirements of the consumer with those of the company.

The term can as well be defined as the art of resisting the implementation of product strategies without understanding the real requirements of the customer. When a customer’s need is not understood, then the real importance of this customer is not reflected (McKitterick 2007, p.81). This explains why in some firms the position of the chief customer officer has been created.

The convergence of customer service, sales and marketing within a company reflect the position held by the chief customer officer. As such, the chief customer officer holds all information regarding customer insights.

This information is in turn transferred to the chief executive officers in boardrooms who then use it to draw critical business decisions. Finally, when information about customers is in the hands of the chief customer officer, it is likely to be taken seriously.

In the present world, the sources of market insight are more than in the old days. This is because of advanced technology that provides massive volumes of instantaneous feedback. The information that is hidden in this feedback is then decoded using digital technologies (Guthrie 2010, p. 30). This explains why many firms that operate on real time database are able to make instantaneous but well informed decisions.

It is not by surprise that firms of the gone days would not have passed most compliance tests such as the YK2. For example, in the golden age of database update through direct mails, it would have taken a firm at least three months to establish if its campaign was successful or not. Technology has made it possible for firms to judge an email campaign almost immediately after deployment.

It is also advantageous for companies to change the content of the campaign should they want to, assess the deliverability of their mails, determine the rates at which their mails are opened, and determine the actual number of customers who convert the mails into purchases.

Furthermore, customers no longer queue outside customer care centres for their issues to be solved, rather they tweet their feelings. Also, it is possible to start online community forums that involve even the uninterested individuals since all they need to do is to embellish their personal observations.

It is the role of insight in marketing that has enabled firms to have abundance of data regarding their products. Technology plays a major role in data collection, handling and processing resulting to appropriate conclusions (Davis 2009, p. 65).

The role of insights in marketing has resulted to automation of operations in many companies. This is possible because of broadening market trends and the complicated nature of the market. Despite the fact that the scarcest resource is human capital in any marketing unit, it is common nowadays for companies to harmonise repetitive tasks (Kotler 2008, p. 30).

Savings resulting from the freed up human capital are reinvested in qualitative initiatives. In other words, when a company automates most of its operations, it becomes obvious that a spare resource is created. This spare resource plays a role in ensuring that most of the issues in market insight are addressed.

This is the same scenario in RAPP, a company that has embraced the t-shape technology. Here, candidates with the capacity of widening their knowledge but with specialisation in a particular field are employed.

In the past, most companies focused on marketing their products to consumers without paying attention to their needs. This marketing was done by professionals whose work was relatively predictable. However, companies have realised the important role played by customers within today’s competitive market. Thus, it has become relevant for these companies to come up with strategies that make their business lucrative.

As firms come up with strategic objectives, it becomes imperative that they include customers since they play a critical role in the marketing sector. Besides, when a company understands its market well, it is able to strategise on how to overcome the consistent threats that other companies present. Again, it becomes easy for a company with good insight into its market to understand the behaviour of its customers.

This is advantageous because a sense of common understanding and trust is generated between such a company and its target. On the other hand, excellent market insights play a significant role in the establishment of customer centricity and in dealing with automation of operations in places of work.

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Wright, MA 2008, ‘A Contingency Model of Marketing Information’, European Journal of Marketing , vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 125-144.

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IvyPanda. (2020, January 28). Marketing Management Concept Overview.

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Short Essay on Marketing Management and Its Importance

Marketing management.

Marketing management sounds like a very complicated word to many. It is the process where strategies are developed and are planned for the promotion of services. Marketing management helps a product or a service to reach the target customer segment.

Marketing management also makes use of the firm’s resources to increase sale by improving the customer base. It also helps to bring in customer options about the products or services offered by a company. The strategies implemented are of utmost importance when a new product gets launched and the process involves development, its advertising, the promotions and the sales.

The importance of marketing management can be highlighted with the advantages that are listed below.

If you haven’t used Marketing management for your business, it is time you do so.

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