How Important Is Technology in Education? Benefits, Challenges, and Impact on Students

A group of students use their electronics while sitting at their desks.

Many of today’s high-demand jobs were created in the last decade, according to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). As advances in technology drive globalization and digital transformation, teachers can help students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the careers of the future.

How important is technology in education? The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly demonstrating why online education should be a vital part of teaching and learning. By integrating technology into existing curricula, as opposed to using it solely as a crisis-management tool, teachers can harness online learning as a powerful educational tool.

The effective use of digital learning tools in classrooms can increase student engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning. It also helps students build essential 21st-century skills.

Virtual classrooms, video, augmented reality (AR), robots, and other technology tools can not only make class more lively, they can also create more inclusive learning environments that foster collaboration and inquisitiveness and enable teachers to collect data on student performance.

Still, it’s important to note that technology is a tool used in education and not an end in itself. The promise of educational technology lies in what educators do with it and how it is used to best support their students’ needs.

Educational Technology Challenges

BuiltIn reports that 92 percent of teachers understand the impact of technology in education. According to Project Tomorrow, 59 percent of middle school students say digital educational tools have helped them with their grades and test scores. These tools have become so popular that the educational technology market is projected to expand to $342 billion by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum.

However, educational technology has its challenges, particularly when it comes to implementation and use. For example, despite growing interest in the use of AR, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technology, less than 10 percent of schools report having these tools in their classrooms, according to Project Tomorrow. Additional concerns include excessive screen time, the effectiveness of teachers using the technology, and worries about technology equity.

Prominently rising from the COVID-19 crisis is the issue of content. Educators need to be able to develop and weigh in on online educational content, especially to encourage students to consider a topic from different perspectives. The urgent actions taken during this crisis did not provide sufficient time for this. Access is an added concern — for example, not every school district has resources to provide students with a laptop, and internet connectivity can be unreliable in homes.

Additionally, while some students thrive in online education settings, others lag for various factors, including support resources. For example, a student who already struggled in face-to-face environments may struggle even more in the current situation. These students may have relied on resources that they no longer have in their homes.

Still, most students typically demonstrate confidence in using online education when they have the resources, as studies have suggested. However, online education may pose challenges for teachers, especially in places where it has not been the norm.

Despite the challenges and concerns, it’s important to note the benefits of technology in education, including increased collaboration and communication, improved quality of education, and engaging lessons that help spark imagination and a search for knowledge in students.

The Benefits of Technology in Education

Teachers want to improve student performance, and technology can help them accomplish this aim. To mitigate the challenges, administrators should help teachers gain the competencies needed to enhance learning for students through technology. Additionally, technology in the classroom should make teachers’ jobs easier without adding extra time to their day.

Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. It enables students to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts, particularly in STEM. Through the use of technology inside and outside the classroom, students can gain 21st-century technical skills necessary for future occupations.

Still, children learn more effectively with direction. The World Economic Forum reports that while technology can help young students learn and acquire knowledge through play, for example, evidence suggests that learning is more effective through guidance from an adult, such as a teacher.

Leaders and administrators should take stock of where their faculty are in terms of their understanding of online spaces. From lessons learned during this disruptive time, they can implement solutions now for the future. For example, administrators could give teachers a week or two to think carefully about how to teach courses not previously online. In addition to an exploration of solutions, flexibility during these trying times is of paramount importance.

Below are examples of how important technology is in education and the benefits it offers to students and teachers.

Increased Collaboration and Communication

Educational technology can foster collaboration. Not only can teachers engage with students during lessons, but students can also communicate with each other. Through online lessons and learning games, students get to work together to solve problems. In collaborative activities, students can share their thoughts and ideas and support each other. At the same time, technology enables one-on-one interaction with teachers. Students can ask classroom-related questions and seek additional help on difficult-to-understand subject matter. At home, students can upload their homework, and teachers can access and view completed assignments using their laptops.

Personalized Learning Opportunities

Technology allows 24/7 access to educational resources. Classes can take place entirely online via the use of a laptop or mobile device. Hybrid versions of learning combine the use of technology from anywhere with regular in-person classroom sessions. In both scenarios, the use of technology to tailor learning plans for each student is possible. Teachers can create lessons based on student interests and strengths. An added benefit is that students can learn at their own pace. When they need to review class material to get a better understanding of essential concepts, students can review videos in the lesson plan. The data generated through these online activities enable teachers to see which students struggled with certain subjects and offer additional assistance and support.

Curiosity Driven by Engaging Content

Through engaging and educational content, teachers can spark inquisitiveness in children and boost their curiosity, which research says has ties to academic success. Curiosity helps students get a better understanding of math and reading concepts. Creating engaging content can involve the use of AR, videos, or podcasts. For example, when submitting assignments, students can include videos or interact with students from across the globe.

Improved Teacher Productivity and Efficiency

Teachers can leverage technology to achieve new levels of productivity, implement useful digital tools to expand learning opportunities for students, and increase student support and engagement. It also enables teachers to improve their instruction methods and personalize learning. Schools can benefit from technology by reducing the costs of physical instructional materials, enhancing educational program efficiency, and making the best use of teacher time.

Become a Leader in Enriching Classrooms through Technology

Educators unfamiliar with some of the technology used in education may not have been exposed to the tools as they prepared for their careers or as part of their professional development. Teachers looking to make the transition and acquire the skills to incorporate technology in education can take advantage of learning opportunities to advance their competencies. For individuals looking to help transform the education system through technology, American University’s School of Education Online offers a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master of Arts in Education Policy and Leadership to prepare educators with essential tools to become leaders. Courses such as Education Program and Policy Implementation and Teaching Science in Elementary School equip graduate students with critical competencies to incorporate technology into educational settings effectively.

Learn more about American University’s School of Education Online and its master’s degree programs.

Virtual Reality in Education: Benefits, Tools, and Resources

Data-Driven Decision Making in Education: 11 Tips for Teachers & Administration

Helping Girls Succeed in STEM

BuiltIn, “Edtech 101”

EdTech, “Teaching Teachers to Put Tech Tools to Work”

International Society for Technology in Education, “Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Exist”

The Journal, “How Teachers Use Technology to Enrich Learning Experiences”

Pediatric Research, “Early Childhood Curiosity and Kindergarten Reading and Math Academic Achievement”

Project Tomorrow, “Digital Learning: Peril or Promise for Our K-12 Students”

World Economic Forum, “The Future of Jobs Report 2018”

World Economic Forum, “Learning through Play: How Schools Can Educate Students through Technology”

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Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education

The mode of education was never the same, it has changed continuously; in the beginning, there were no books or notebooks, students use to learn whatever their teacher use to teach in the class itself. Slowly paper and pen were invented and slowly the process moved and today we have technology on our doorstep. Find here some essays on the topics to create your own for your school assignments.

Short and Long Essays on Contribution of Technology in Education in English

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Contribution of Technology in Education essay 10 lines.

Contribution of Technology in Education Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) The modern education system is blessed with advanced technologies.

2) The emergence of smart classes is the result of smart technologies.

3) The use of technology in education encourages students to study.

4) Technology provides a flexible and engaging way of gaining an education.

5) Technology reduces the time and effort of learning.

6) Newer technologies attract and excite students to learn more and more.

7) Technology helps students to learn the concept more easily.

8) Technology has a huge contribution to the education system during the Covid pandemic.

9) With technology, students can gain education beyond their course.

10) Technology has made education possible for every citizen.

Essay 1 (250 Words) - Contribution of Technology in Education


The word technology has been derived from a Greek word ‘tekhnologia’ where ‘tekh’ stands for art, craft, skill, etc and logy stands for the subject of interest. I can sum up technology as a platform that can perform a task as per our needs. When we add education with technology, then you can imagine how easy it is going to be for us.

Importance of Technology

Technology provides a digital platform and nowadays it has become an important part of our life. Where ever we go we see the use of technology. Schools are running with the new tag of smart classes and these smart classes are the best example of technology.

The use of technology has made education easy as well as interesting. Usually, children don’t like going to school but after introducing these smart classes they just love being there. Apart from these smart classes, there is also much software available for educational purposes.

That software keeps us updated and helps to learn new things. Although there are both positive and negative aspects of using technology still, we hope for the best. There are different topics available on YouTube and there are many educational apps available. We can read from them and daily can learn new things.

I really love reading from an app, they are designed in such a way that I love it. It attracts me and encourages me to read and has made education easy.

Technology is helpful in many ways especially in terms of education. It helps students to develop interest and learn new things. Nowadays a newly born child gets used to a mobile phone and when kids will get their education on these platforms, they will just love it.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - Technology and its Role in Present Education and Future Prospects

The process of gaining knowledge is termed as educating ourselves. It is an endless process but it is mostly used for students. Basically, there is no age of learning but students and school-going children are more connected with this word. When we take the help of technology for education, it becomes more interesting as well as convenient.

Role of Technology in Present Education

Role of Technology in Future Education


Education should not only be confined up to books, one should get a chance to explore his knowledge and try something new. Time has changed and the mode of education should also be changed and students should be given chance to learn something new and interesting and technology makes it possible.

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education

Essay 3 (500 - 600 Words) - Is Technology Really Helpful in Education

Technology is something a new subject of education because it is equally important. It has become an integral part of education. Nowadays either you have to know your syllabus or want to clear a topic. Everything is possible and available online. You can reach these platforms with the help of various technologies.

Is Technology Really Helpful in Education?

I have seen the difference, how technology has changed modern education. In older days students use to read from their books and if they faced any problem, they use to ask their teachers. But it is not necessary that every student has the same IQ to understand what the teacher said. Some students won’t get it but they never ask because they feel shy.

But in today’s era when technology is a part of education, students easily get multiple options to solve their question. There are multiple platforms where they can also ask a question or can have a live interaction with their teachers. Really education has progressed a lot. You can also compare the marks, in the old days people use to hardly get distinction but nowadays it is not a big deal.

Technology has made education easy and today we have multiple options to clear our doubts. Easy access to the internet and other helping apps has made education easy as well as interesting. These gadgets also save time and energy.

Different Technologies for Education

Any device which is helpful in educating self is a student-friendly technology. It can also be a mobile phone or a laptop. Nowadays there are many devices made especially for students for their studies. I have listed them below:

Laptops : One of the best mediums of gaining knowledge. The Internet is something where you can get information either in a written way or in an audio form. You can get a detailed explanation from different tutors on various platforms. It helps students to get detailed information and also helps to clear their doubts. A laptop is a device where you can easily access different educational portals.

Smart Phone : They are the smaller version of laptops; you can carry your smartphones anywhere and it is a bit convenient to use as compared to a laptop. The easy internet connection and small size make it user friendly. Many students have mobile phones and they use them for educational purposes. There are many educational apps available in Play Store which can be easily used in these phones. 

Electronic Pen Reader: It is a thermometer device which helps to record the words written in a book. Actually, it is not always we want to read sometime we prefer listening and it has been proved that we acquire more knowledge by listening. So, this device is specially designed for those who prefer listening. This pen collects whatever written in a book and plays audio when needed.

Kindle for Textbooks : These books are available online and they are available in half rates. This helps to reduce the production of paper and online books can be easily stored. They are popular these days.

Noise Cancelling Headphones : They are super isolated headphone which helps to maintain pin-drop silence. Some time due to marriage seasons and some other reasons it becomes difficult to study. These headphones are specially designed which removes any kind of noise and helps you to focus.

The use of technology in education will bring a drastic change in our education system. One side will encourage students to study, whereas on the other side will also help them in their studies in many ways. Technology teaches us new things and also encourages us to develop new ideas and promote our creativity. We can easily connect with people and solve our problems.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . Technology has made the process of teaching and learning flexible and easier.

Ans . Internet helps the students to find accurate information in every area of education.

Ans . Umo Cygnaeous is known as the father of educational technology.

Ans . The USA is the leading nation in online learning in the whole world.

Ans . The computers were first used in schools in the early 1980s.

Essay on Lion

Essay on martin luther king.

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Ankita Yadav

Ankita has completed her master's degree from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). She is interested in blogs and articles writing very creatively and elaborating her ideas and views on different topics for her readers. She is a nature lover along with the spirit to save the environment from destruction. She loves traveling and explores her creative ideas in her writings.

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

' src=

Technology plays a vital role in the digital area. Technology is the main part of most of the sectors in society. The importance of technology is constantly increasing in every sector. The main reason to start using technology in the classroom is, to improve the student’s learning experience.

Technology plays a vital role in the digital area. With each passing day, new technologies are taking place in the market. The importance of technology is growing rapidly in the education sector. The mode of education has drastically changed. Students depend on apps or platforms to clear their doubts. In this way parents can save the money they pay to the teachers. Easy access to the internet and other resources has made education easy.

Role of Technology in present education

Role of Technology in Future Education

Technology offers many facilities. With the usage of technology, we can learn new things. Technology helps students to develop their interests. Classrooms are getting advanced with the arrival of the latest technologies like smart boards,  small gadgets like tablets, visual enhancement, etc. Digitalized education will save the environment. Education will be accessible to all students, especially for those who face financial crises. There are a lot of reasons why technology is an important aspect of the Education sector.

Importance of technology in Education

With the evolution of technology, every aspect of our lives from banking to the way that we communicate with each other has changed. Working professionals get the opportunity to pursue their further education without having to give up their full-time jobs.

Technology enhances class interaction by encouraging collaboration of various learning styles. Today technology is widely used across a wide range of fields. Technology enhances individual learning. And it helps to access up-to-date information. It helps to ease students to learn the most difficult subjects. Modern technology like artificial intelligence can develop more creative things.

Technology has changed the learning sector. So that learning is more hands-on. Since a lot of online platforms are available, students can access other information outside of the books. Teachers can teach their students creatively which helps students keeps engaged.

Overall, technology is the main part of most of the sectors in society. In the education sector, technology brings great opportunities for student learning. The importance of technology is constantly increasing in every sector. Students use gadgets like laptops, smartphones and use the internet for learning from various educational websites. The main reason to start using technology in the classroom is, to improve the student’s learning experience.

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

Essay on contribution of technology in education

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education 1700+words

The methods of giving education to the people are changing from time to time. The necessary changes were made in educating the people according to time.

It never remained the same. Earlier the education is given in gurukuls and ashrams orally. After that, the education is given by writing on wooden plates and chalk. 

Gradually, paper and ink came into existence and books were made and became the source of education. Similarly, nowadays education is given by means of technology.

So, Hello frands today we are going to describe on the essay contribution of technology in education in 100, 150, 250, 300, 500, 1000 & 1700 words for all the students and children finding the essay on contribution of technology in education. The same can be used for homework and assignment purposes. 

Table of Contents

Essay on contribution of technology in education essay Introduction:

Today’s world is the world of technology and the contribution of technology is in every field. Everywhere the advancements in technology can be seen. Technology has its uses in every field of life. 

Technology connected people to a digital platform with the help of the Internet. Today technology is serving in every field of life.

Different software were invented and discovered by the engineers. A lot of software were made that made man’s life easy, reliable and comfortable. 

Just by a click, the food is ordered and just by clicks the location can be traced. Whatever people wanted to learn everything is made easy to educate about any particular subject. 

Either one wanted to learn cooking, financing, blogging, singing, dancing, etc. Everything is made available and easy to the learners through the mode of technology. So, the contribution of technology cannot be neglected with regard to this.

Creating job opportunities:

No doubt that much of the work is now done with the help of AI and got humans replaced due to the advancements in technology. But equally job opportunities were also created by this. 

The AI industries, and mechanical and software companies all needed employees for their work. They also give high incomes with other facilities.

Uses of technology in Student’s Life:

There is also a contribution of technology in student’s life. Nowadays the methods of educating children have also been changed.

The education which is given to the students orally or on blackboards is now changed. Now the same education is given to the children with the help of projectors. 

The teachers used to make a video of their lessons known as lesson plans. Later on, they present their lessons in digital form on the whiteboards. 

contribution of technology

Online live classes and online education came into existence due to the advancement in technology. These online classes help the students to learn by just sitting in their homes. 

The students can now learn anything they want just by sitting at home. The live classes were given at minimum and nominal fees to the students. 

Thus, the contribution of technology in education has huge benefits to the student’s life. This has improved the education system of the whole world by making it interesting and easy to learn.

The teachers used to give education to the children by using different methods on videos. They made education easier by making visual projects and attractive presentations. Thus, the contribution of technology had changed and advanced the education system.

Online blogs, audiobooks & YouTube :

Earlier if the students wanted to find out anything or wanted to know about something they have to buy costly books or they have to ask from someone who knew the answer.

But now the bloggers had made it easy. The things which were found in books were now available online. This whole online data is available everywhere to the people of the world free of cost. 

All the books of students came online. The students can read books online with the help of technology by giving just nominal fees. 

Video bloggers give education via videos in easy and simplest languages and the other writing work is done by bloggers. 

So, in this way, both blog writers and video bloggers are helping students and learners in getting information and education free of cost.

Audiobooks are also a new trend in the 21st century. Those who find books difficult to read now can listen to them and educate themselves. Some of the famous audiobook platforms like GIGL & Kuku FM where anyone can listen any book they liked.

Thus, in this way technology is helping all learners for getting information and education without any extra effort. Education is easily available everywhere in the world. Thus, the contribution of technology can also be seen in  the education sector.

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Some demerits:

We have just read over the above contribution of technology and how it is helping us nowadays and how it is providing job opportunities to millions of people. But still, there are some demerits of technology. 

Technology is affecting people in different ways. Due to the advancements in technology, there is always a fear of data security. The personal data of any individual remained at risk. 

The people were not able to understand the complexities of the technology and faced huge losses. Crimes and terrorism is increasing day by day by misusing the facilities of technologies. 

Due to this technology they were not even traced. The private data of people is stolen and afterward, they were blackmailed. The children and students are using the technology in the wrong direction. 

Instead of getting themselves an education, they spent their time seeing digital media platforms. They now spent time on social media platforms. So, the students are using this technology in wrongful ways instead of educating themselves.

Role of technology in education:

The role of technology in education in today’s world is very important. Education nowadays is given through online modes. 

Most of the classes are held in online modes on some platforms like google meet, zoom meeting, duo, WhatsApp video calling, etc. All these made education easy and economically friendly. 

Then all the notes of the students are available on the internet which the students need not stress upon. They just need to get ideas from online blogs and websites and then write according to their own perspective. 

The contribution of technology cannot be neglected in the education sector. Everything is made free and easily available to all the people and students without any hustle. 

contribution of technology

During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role and contribution of technology in education cannot be forgotten. When all the schools and educational institutes were closed then the technology did not affect any student’s education.

Rather everything is made online through technological advancements. The laptops, computers, phones, internet, etc. were technical tools made into used for this purpose.

The students can get knowledge and information from different teachers on online apps and websites like toppr , byju’s , etc. Thus, it is clear that technology made education simple and interesting to all students.

Future of technology:

Now, keeping in view all the facts and circumstances it is clear that technology will change the whole future of the education system. The education will be made online and available to all.

The physical books will not be published rather they will be available to all online. A nominal fee for opening the books will be there. So, in this way, the papers can also be saved.

As a result of this, there will be no cutting of trees in the woods which will reduce deforestation in the world and there will be more greenery.

The students living at distant places will not be worried about attending the classes. They just needed one mobile, computer, or laptop with an internet connection.

By sitting at their home they will be able to attend their classes. Thus, in this way, the education system will be changed from physical books to online notes and books. So, the importance of technology is also there.

Technological equipment of the world:

The latest and new equipment were discovered and developed on regular basis by our great inventors.

Some of the main equipment which are commonly used and are known to us are smartphones, computers, laptops, modems, internet, Wi-Fi, internet, fibers and data cables. These are the basic equipment of technology which are easily found in almost all the houses of the world.

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10 lines essay on Contribution of technology in education:

FAQs on Essay on Importance of Technology in Education :

Ans. Education is made easier and free of cost in an interesting way.

Ans. Smartphones, computers, laptops, modems, internet, Wi-Fi, internet, fibers, data cables, etc. are mainly used equipment.

Ans. The advancements in technology increased cybercrime, terrorism, job scarcity, etc.

Ans. The students liked the online classes because the way of teaching by the online tutors is interesting and very simple with clarification in each and every word.

Ans. No, online education is not only simple but it is free of cost to everyone. Just they need is the modern equipment of technology.

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Author’s View:

The author is of the view that technology had taken the education sector to different levels. Education is available to everyone easily and free of cost and the importance of technology in education cannot be denied.

Any type of education and course can be found on the internet. So, knowledge is everywhere as everyone is aware of the importance of knowledge in the world just there is a need to grab education. 

The knowledge and information are freely available on blogs, YouTube, Instagram, etc. The eye to see them must be there. Audiobooks and video books are there that made books interesting.

So, we can say that education in today’s world is everywhere without any doubt. Just there is a need to see the opportunities and to take benefits from them.

No money is required to get any education, just needed is time and a little energy. Hope you all enjoy the above-written essay on the contribution of technology in education.

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2 thoughts on “Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education 1700+words”

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Contribution of Technology in Education Essay

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education | Contribution of Technology in Education Essay for Students and Children

Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education: In the digital era in which we currently live, technology plays a vital role. With each passing day, new software or gadget is being introduced in the tech market that improves our lives in one way or another and makes it much more comfortable.

The mode of education was never the same, and it has changed continuously; in the beginning, there were no books or notebooks, students used to learn whatever their teacher used to teach the class itself. After the invention of paper and pen, slowly the process moved and today we have technology in our new mode of learning. Technology introduced in the classroom helps the students understand and learn what they are being taught.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

Long and Short Essays on Contribution of Technology in Education for Students and Kids in English

We provide the students with essay samples on an extended essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on this topic.

Long Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Education Should be Free is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Technology is considered as a new subject of education because it is equally important. It has become a fundamental part of education. Nowadays either you have to know your syllabus or want to learn about a topic, everything is possible and available online. You can reach these resources with the help of various technologies.

But in today’s time when technology has become an integral part of education, students quickly get multiple options to answer their questions. There are multiple platforms and apps where students can also ask their doubts or have a live interaction with their teachers. Education has progressed a lot. You can also compare the marks, in the old days people used to get distinction hardly but nowadays it is not a big deal.

Technology has made education readily available, and today we have numerous choices to clear our doubts. Easy access to the internet and other helping resources has made education easy as well as enjoyable. These modern gadgets also save time and energy.

Role of Technology in Present Education

Role of Technology in Future Education

Education should be confined to books; everyone should get a chance to explore their knowledge and try something new. The time has changed, and the mode of education should also be changed, and students should be given a chance to learn something new and exciting and technology makes it possible.

Short Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Contribution of Technology in Education is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The word technology has been derived from the Greek word ‘technology’. The ‘tekh’ stands for art, craft, and skill and ‘logy’ stands for the subject of interest. The technology can be defined as a platform that can perform any task as per our needs. Addition of education with technology, it will become easy for students. Nowadays, technology provides a digital platform, and it has become an essential part of our day-to-day life. Wherever we go, we see the use of technology. Schools have introduced smart classes inside the classrooms, and these smart classes are the best example of the contribution of technology in education.

The use of technology has made education easily accessible as well as interesting & exciting. Generally, students don’t like going to school, but things have changed after introducing these smart classes. Apart from these smart classes, there is also various software and platforms available for educational purposes. It helps students to develop creativity and learn new things. Nowadays, even a newborn child can easily use a mobile phone, and kids will enjoy getting their education online.

10 Lines on Contribution of Technology in Education in English

FAQ’s on Contribution of Technology in Education Essay

Question 1. When Should You Integrate Technology?

Answer: Perhaps the suitable answer to this question might be, whenever it helps. This might seem ridiculously simplistic but consider the alternative. The complexity of integrating technology needs us to identify the positives and negatives, weigh those, and be sure we’re focused on what’s best for students’ development.

Question 2. How does technology affect society?

Answer: Technology immensely affects the way individuals communicate, behave, learn, and think. It helps society develop and determines how people interact with each other daily. Technology plays a vital role in everybody’s life today.

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

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Technology In Education Essay

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Essay On Technology In Education- Technology makes education very easy. Technology is now essential to maintaining society, and it will definitely have an impact on education. In today's life, technology has made study easier. Here are 100, 200 and 500 word essays on Technology In Education

Technology In Education Essay

Technology plays a huge part in education. The students' learning process gets simpler as technology advances. Students can easily learn the concepts thanks to technologies utilised in schools and universities, such as computer labs and high-end equipment and instruments. In today's life, technology has made study easier. Here are some sample essays on Technology In Education

100 Words Essay On Technology In Education

Technology makes education very easy. Technology is now essential to maintaining society, and it will definitely have an impact on education. Previously teachers didn't allow students to use technology in education. Today's everything is connected to technology including education,communication, etc. Although technology has been a part of our lives for many years, the development and use of technology in education have only lately started to take shape. One of the most crucial things we have now that can help students perform better academically is technology. As technology advances, it creates new opportunities for students to interact and learn through a variety of sources. Online classes are the best example of technology.

200 Words Essay On Technology In Education

The word "technology" is derived from the Greek word "tekhnologia," where "tekh" signifies an art, a skill, etc., and "logy" defines a subject of interest. Technology makes our tasks easy and makes life easy. Today, technology plays a significant role in our lives and offers a digital platform. The term "smart classes" is being used increasingly in schools and colleges, and these classes are the best use of technology.

Technology And Education

Technology made education easy and attractive. Students study because of technology with their mobile phones and laptops.

By using technology, online classes have started, and students love doing smart classes.

Technology keeps students updated on the world and shows the right direction to do good in education.

Through technology, students can read newspapers daily wise. Technology made education easy and attractive.

From technology, schools make their app and take attendance online, which helps the environment also by not using paper and pen.

Technology attracts children more, which helps them to choose their path.

Education should not be done with only books; students should get a chance to explore their knowledge and try something new. Technology is the best thing to explore. By using technology, students' knowledge will grow faster than before.

500 Words Essay On Technology In Education

Technology has become an integral part of education because of different apps and websites. Nowadays, if you want to clear your doubts or to know your syllabus, everything is available online. Nowadays, education is nothing without technology.

Is Technology Helpful In Education?

Yes, technology is helpful to education. Nowadays, you will see the difference in how technology has changed teaching. In older days, students read from their books, and if they faced any problem, they would ask their teachers the next day at school or for tuition.

But nowadays, students clear their doubts by using apps and websites. Due to technology, they can also ask a question or can have live interaction with their teachers personally. Education has progressed a lot.

Technology has made education easy, and today we have multiple options to clear our doubts and interact online with our teachers. Nowadays, we have easy access to the internet, and other helping apps have made education accessible and exciting.

Technology is essential for students. Parents and teachers should permit their children to use technology for their students because time has changed, and the mode of education should also be changed. Students should be given a chance to learn something new and exciting and technology makes it possible.

Different Technologies for Education

Many devices make education easier for students and clear students' doubts. Some of them are-

Laptops | One of the best tools for learning is a laptop. You can obtain information on the Internet either in written form, video form, or audio form. On several applications and websites, you can find tutors who can give you a thorough explanation. Students can acquire extensive information and have their questions answered thanks to it. You may effortlessly visit several educational portals using a laptop.

Smartphone | Smartphones are smaller versions of laptops; you can use them more easily than laptops and take them with you wherever you go. It is user-friendly due to its compact size and simple internet connection. Students can speak with their teacher about questions using a smartphone. Many students have smartphones, which they use for academic purposes. Numerous apps were available for students on mobile devices.

Kindle for Textbooks | Kindle Textbooks are a type of online book. Kindle books are available at half the price of paper books. This helps to reduce the production of paper, which allows our environment and online books to be easily stored. Kindle Textbooks are popular these days. Many students use them.

My Experience

From the 12th standard, I used a smartphone and laptop for education. Technology makes study easier. When I didn't understand something from school, I used to look for those online and try to clear all my doubts by watching topic specific videos. In my school days, I learned different crafts and drawing skills by watching videos online. I used to take help from online videos to understand many science experiments and easy tricks to solve various mathematical questions. Technology in education is perfect for the future because the use of technology in education will bring a drastic change in our education system.

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8


Essay on role of technology in education.

The role of technology in education is immense. the learning process for the students becomes easier as the technology progresses. technologies that are used in schools and colleges such as having computer labs, and using high-end devices and instruments make it easy for students to understand the concepts. the practical knowledge of the students improves when they see things happen. it becomes easy for them to relate the theory with practicals. there are also educational games that prepare young kids for school. most of the concepts become when they see the animations and when their favorite cartoon characters are used. technology is a boon in the educational system..


Technology in Education Essay

contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

Technology: The Importance Of Technology In Education

In this day and age we know that technology is important for us in our life. No matter where we are, technology is a must for us to communicate with others around the worlds. Did all of us thinks that the effect when we are dependence on technology? Here, the definition of technology is the example of technology is the internet which has made latest information around the worlds. Sometimes, the technology gives an advantage to us. Having said that, most of us does not appreciate modern technology and using simply and wasting a lot of time. For example, the students can find information from the internet to explore their knowledge and help to improve their essays. But, most of the students just take an easy way to complete their tasks by using technology and copy and paste to their tasks and never to try think by itself. This also gives bad impact for the students In other words, technology can affected creativity of people. to search for the Internet actually. They want their work to finish as soon as possible by finding the idea from the Internet. They even try to create their own idea to look their own…

Philosophy Of Technology In Education

Teacher’s philosophy of technology use in education depends on many factors. It is influenced by educator’s age; by positive and negative experiences in prior technology use; by fear of unknown information; or it could be even dictated by the school. It differentiates from one generation of teachers to the next. At age of 36 I have managed to develop fear of failing to keep up with the speed of the technology progress, but in the same time I try to remain open to the idea of being educated in…

What Are The Impact Of Technology In Education

Introduction of the Topic Loading…. technology into every public classroom for overall student excellence along with teachers incorporating social media into the curriculum defines new or renewed pedagogies. Technology contains the capability to spark visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile modalities. Technology-implemented lessons foster learning while playing because mostly all senses are influenced in the activity. Both students and teachers are motivated when educational technology is…

Is Technology Beneficial To The Education System

English 001-13 Due: October 27th, 2017 Title Is technology beneficial to the education system? As technology becomes a more prominent facet of our everyday lives, it has slowly begun to emerge within the educational system. Education in the United States is fairly traditional, systemic and is not easily changed by policy makers. Though technology gives education a new dynamic approach to learning, there are many skeptics who support the studies showing that technology can be detrimental to…

Technology Plays In Education Essay

The Role Technology Plays In Education In today’s world, with the help of technology, students can obtain a visual and mental understanding of what they’re learning. Technology is better understood in this generation because of the improvements it has created and the well known scientists that have changed the world’s knowledge. Some students can take the visualization from learning and comprehend a subject easier. Where on the other hand, some students don’t need the aspect of visualization to…

Advantages Of Educational Technology In Education

Concerning the implementation and upgrading of educational technology in schools there are two opposed viewpoints on where the focus and funding should go. Firstly, are those who subscribe to the technological abundance viewpoint; these individuals believe that more recent technology is the pathway to higher student achievement and will use all of their available funding to make this happen. Often at the expense of adequate teacher training on the use of the aforementioned technology. Secondly,…

The Importance Of Teaching Technology In Education

Students use various forms of technology in their free time. Whether it be a cell phone or a tablet, these students possess unprecedented levels of skill with information technology; they think about and use technology very differently from earlier student cohorts. (Kvavik, 2015). Yet despite this fact, technology is not utilized as a learning tool in the classroom. Compared to students’ use of technology outside school, in-school technology usage is much less intensive and extensive (Lim,…

The Importance Of Education And Technology In Education

course of years, technology has made a huge change. Technology is more than cell phones and computers. Webster dictionary, (2015) states, “technology is the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation” (pg.1). Even though technology impacts our life it causes problems within our education system. Before I get into technology and its relationship with education, I wanted to…

Technology Integration In Education

Literature Review on Integration of Technology in Education Introduction In the effort to understand the integration of technology in education, researchers have been debating on its practical methods, advantages and disadvantage for a long time. Some have developed papers based on hand-on data in classrooms. Some have argued that technology itself is not capable of delivering moral qualities, and evolving ethical issues should be added to the technology education. Others, however, have argued…

Disadvantages Of Technology In Education

Technology is interesting in so many ways. In today 's society, we can 't live without the technology sensation it delivers. The different directions technology has introduced in the world is incredible. For instance, there 's technology in business, relationships, transportation, and education. The advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom specifically K-12, has proven technology increases teaching and learning methods for the greater good. Technology supports the education…

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contribution of technology in education essay for class 8

Technology has become an integral part of sustaining society , and its influence on education is inevitable . Earlier, technology’s role in education was limited to teaching methodologies and educating students. The evolution of technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, from banking to how we communicate. Education is inextricably linked to technology, so its integration into technology is inevitable. As a result, it is not surprising that schools have also become a part of this paradigm shift in the world today. Technology has been part of our lives for decades, but it is only recently that the development and application of technology in education have begun to take shape. Technology is one of the most important things we have today, which can assist students in doing better academically. As technology grows, it brings about new ways for students to learn and interact through various mediums.

What is Education?

What is technology, how has technology changed the way of imparting education, importance of technology in education, advantages of technology in education, disadvantages of technology in education.

Education is a process of teaching, learning, and development. Education consists of transmitting values and knowledge from one generation to another. It is also about learning how to communicate effectively, manage people, and solve problems. 

Technology is a collection of tools and processes used for accomplishing tasks. It can be anything from a sneaker to a car to an airplane, but it’s all technology when you boil it down to its bare essentials. Technology is the use of science, engineering, and mathematics to develop tools, systems, and methods for human activities.

It is the collection of knowledge that people have created to solve problems or create new things. Technology is not limited to physical objects but includes virtual objects like software, data, and websites.

Technology has changed the way we impart education . It has made it possible for us to reach out to more students, and it has also made it possible for us to deliver the same lessons in a much more efficient manner. We can now t each our lessons online , meaning we don’t have to travel all over the place to teach them. We can also use technology like video conferencing and chat rooms with our students, which means that we don’t have to spend time getting to know them and making sure they understand what we’re teaching them. This has made a massive difference in how teachers interact with their students. Before technology, teachers had to spend hours preparing for lessons, but they didn’t have the option of using technology when they taught them. Nowadays, students get better grades because they are more prepared than ever. Technology has made it possible for us to find information from anywhere in the world and share it with others without having to meet them face-to-face physically. This means that students can take their education wherever they go, from their bedrooms to their classrooms to their offices at work. The internet has made learning possible for everyone, no matter where they live or in their country. With the advent of online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy, students are no longer limited to traditional classrooms. They can learn at their own pace and access any educational content they want.

It has also made it easier for teachers to impart their knowledge and expertise to students . Teachers can now use video lectures as well as text-based lessons.

Teachers also have access to more resources than ever before—both on-site and off-site—to ensure that their students’ needs are met.

 Education has always been a stepping stone to success. Education helps us grow and learn new things, but it is not enough. To make sure that you are on the right path for your future, it is essential to have a good education.

Technology has proven beneficial and transformation in educational settings in particular. Technology is reshaping the world of education from online colleges to digital certificate programs and hybrid set-ups. This can help students get their qualifications faster while providing them with more resources needed to succeed.

Technology has also changed how we learn and teach students today. Technology offers us many ways of teaching students online or even in person; there are more options than ever before! There are even digital certificates available online, allowing students to get their qualifications quickly without having to travel all over town whenever they need something new added to their resume. The importance of technology can be understated when it comes to learning because it allows us all access to information from anywhere at any time! This means we do not have barriers to getting what we need when it comes time for school or work. Technology allows us all access. The most important thing to remember when considering technology’s role in education is that it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for human interaction. Instead, Teachers should use it to enhance student learning by providing them with opportunities to use their minds outside of the classroom setting. Students can achieve this through online courses that allow students across the globe to interact with each other and instructors face-to-face or via video conference calls. In addition, virtual reality technology will enable students to learn within an immersive environment, which helps them better retain information when it comes time for them to apply it later on in life.”

Technology helps children to stay motivated during the learning process:

Most students don’t like to go to school if they feel like wasting their time. When technology is allowed in the classroom, teachers can let kids work at a pace that suits them the best without disturbing others.

This way, students can work independently and get the right amount of help from teachers when needed. Students also have an opportunity to do other things like watching movies or playing games while being able to work on their assignments.

Not only does it help with motivation, but it also helps with retention because students can learn more while doing something they enjoy doing instead of sitting in a dull classroom day after day without any distractions from outside sources such as television or 

Other activities may be distracting from learning purposes. If students feel like wasting their time, they will lose interest in school. But when technology is allowed in the classroom, teachers can let kids work at a pace that suits them best without disturbing others. Studies show that kids who use electronic devices in class tend to perform better than those who do not use such devices. This is because using electronic devices allows them to focus on what they are doing instead of being distracted by other things around them.

Technology allows better communication between teachers and parents: 

There are so many ways that technology in the classroom encourages more communication between teachers and parents.

First, when there is technology in the classroom, there are more opportunities for parents and teachers to connect. This can be done through texting and emailing or using social media. It can also be done by video chatting. For example, if your child has an after-school homework club, you can text them about their progress during class time and ensure they’re completing their work on time.

Second, it helps children stay connected with their parents. If a student doesn’t have access to technology at home, then they may not feel comfortable talking about their day over dinner or on the phone. However, if there is a way for them to speak with their parents through a computer or smartphone app, then they will feel more encouraged to use it!

Third, it helps teachers stay connected with parents too! If there’s an easy way for us as educators to communicate with our students’ families, then we can work on projects and plan lessons together without having face-to-face time. In addition, if online resources are available for students, it will save teachers from having to come up with new ways of teaching every time they want something new taught or learned.

Technology also helps make sure that students feel supported by their teachers and families when they need them most; this can be especially important when dealing with issues related to mental health or sexuality.

Technology gives access to behavioral data on students: 

Technology has been used to collect behavioral data on students for years. It’s a great way to get the information you need to help your students succeed, but it can also be a little scary if you’re not sure exactly how much information is being collected.

The various apps, software choices, and technological platforms collect student data that can show attendance patterns, learning issues in specific subjects, and how they react in particular situations. This allows teachers to identify problems early on and work with them before they become too complex to fix. For example, a new app called “My School” uses real-time data to inform teachers of students’ attendance rates during class and their progress towards completing homework assignments. This information allows teachers to give individualized attention to each student based on their needs and wants.

Teachers can use this information to provide individualized instruction and interventions for students who need it most.

Technology will increase cheating: 

Cheating in school is nothing new. It has been around since the beginning of time. But now, there’s a new way to cheat: technology. And now you can cheat without even having to go to school. With technology, students can send themselves text messages with answers before taking a test or taking part in a quiz. Then they can email those answers to whomever they want—and that person won’t even have to be at school. This technology has made cheating more accessible and has allowed students to cheat more efficiently than ever before. Students should also know the rules around using technology during quizzes, tests, and general classes. There must be strict rules about how students use technology at school—for example, no phones are allowed during class discussions or lectures.

Technology can be distracting for students: 

Kids are a lot like little adults. They are constantly testing the boundaries of what is acceptable, and they aren’t necessarily stopped until they’ve found out where those boundaries are. Parents need to be aware of how technology can affect their kids’ behavior. Children who play video games can find themselves reacting to addiction-like behaviors. Their focus is on the entertainment they receive more than anything else. If the educational environment uses reward-based games to encourage learning, the child might be more concerned with what they receive through the software or app instead of what they are learning. For parents, this means that you should be able to detect when your child is engaging in activities that don’t match. How much energy and focus they should be putting into schoolwork, especially if this involves electronic devices or apps made specifically for children. This isn’t always intentional: we want our children to be happy when they play games! But if you want your child to learn something new while gaming, you must choose educational games over reward-based ones.

Technology is not affordable for everyone: 

Whether technology is in the classroom or at home, there is the issue of affordability to worry about in today’s world. Some households cannot afford to purchase computers for their kids to manage school work. School districts don’t have enough money to pay their salaries yearly, much less add new tech components for learning. Other expenses can make technology unaffordable for some families: repairs, software updates, and utilities (such as electricity). When we focus on having technology in the classroom, we place those at the lowest end of the wage scale at a significant disadvantage. With less money, they have less access to lessons and can’t afford to purchase devices. Students with greater access can learn more and access lessons more often.

Technology cannot replace the human touch in imparting education. It, however, plays a paramount role in improving efficiency. Students’ character gets affected when they spend too much time on computers and bright devices. Instead of making them tech-savvy, it makes them less practical and more imaginative. The transition from traditional teaching methods to technology for teaching has a remarkable impact on the student. As a result, their level of awareness increased, and the student picked up things quickly and multiplied their knowledge instantly. But some challenges need to be met regarding the use of technology in education by the students. The challenges are innovation, maintenance, and reliable infrastructure to support the advanced technology used in the learning process.

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Essay About Technology in Education

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Modern technology in education, importance of technology in education.

Factors Affecting Technology in Education

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