Animal Cruelty Essay examples

Animals should not be bred.

Animal hoarding has become a large problem. It has been estimated that there are nine-hundred to two-thousand new cases every year of animal hoarding in the United States, with two-thousand and fifty thousand animals falling victims. Another case of animal abuse is animal hoarding, animal hoarding impacts communities across the United States on a daily basis with approximately three thousand five hundred reported new cases discovered each

Persuasive Essay On Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is a problem that many ignore. People are oblivious to these animals and the negligence their owners show. Animal cruelty is an underlying problem in today’s society, and the only way to counteract these problems, is for this generation to do something about it.

Animal Hoarding Essay

Animal hoarding is an obsession that is growing in victims and recognition throughout the world today. The typical animal hoarder has a serious psychological condition called obsessive compulsive disorder. Animal hoarders also may be suffering from different kinds of addictions, delusional disorder, attachment disorder, dementia, and even zoophilia. These people feel they have the responsibility to keep and care for an overabundant amount of animals, thinking that they are helping these creatures. In reality, these pet owners are only putting their animals through abuse and neglect because it is impossible for them to provide the proper care for such a large number of pets. These owners are not only harming their animals with

Animal Cruelty And Domestic Violence Essay

Animals are an important and valued part of many families and cultures. In many households, animals are considered members of the family, receive Christmas and birthday presents, and are cared for just as a human child would be. Opposition to animal cruelty has even become a sort of universal value in American culture(Kordzek 604). But animals are uniquely vulnerable to abuse, and despite this they still do not receive much needed protection from the law. The penalties for animal cruelty are not frequently severe enough to even deter one from harming an animal. This is dangerous not only for animals, but for human beings too. Animal cruelty and domestic violence have been proven to correlate in countless ways, and recognizing animal cruelty as a serious criminal offense and a form of domestic violence would serve to protect both animals and human beings from needless acts of violence. Instituting stiffer criminal penalties for animal cruelty and increasing the protective measures for victims of abuse is necessary to further the protection of both animals and human beings.

Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

Many people enjoy companionship with their animals; however, according to the American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “every 60 seconds, another animal is abused.” Animals are often neglected in ways such as improper feeding, dog fighting, cockfighting, and being bred in puppy mills. In order to end animal abuse, people need to be enlightened about the multiple ways animals can be abused. Awareness of activities surrounding animal abuse will help decreases animal abuse. Education is of utmost importance in preventing animal abuse.

The Connection Between the Little Mermaid and Hoarding Essays

The word hoarding was originally used to describe the behavior of animals storing food for future use, and then moved into use as a descriptor of human behavior. There are also different types of hoarders. These include Clinical compulsive hoarding, OCD or perfectionist hoarding, animal

Essay on Informative Speech Outline: Animal Cruelty

a. Because of this, we need to take cruelty towards animals seriously. It is a sign of aggression and violence and can often lead to even more gruesome crimes, not just towards animals, but towards humans as well.

Animal Abuse: The Quiet Epidemic Essay

Animal abuse is a quiet epidemic that is spreading throughout the world. The amount of animal abuse is growing and we must do something to stop it. Animal abuse is not putting a choke collar on a dog to keep it from biting an individual; it is not killing an animal for food. Animal abuse is the knowing or intentional "(1) tortures or serious overworks [of] an animal"; the "(2) failing unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal in his custody; kills, injures, or administers poison to an animal; [or] (6) causes one animal to fight with another" (Title 3). The majority of states in the U.S. classify abusive treatment toward animals as a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is punished by a fine of

Persuasive Speech On Animal Abuse

The mistreatment of animals is a serious problem within our society for a variety of reasons. While current laws and conditions are improving, there is still a

Outline For Hoarding Research Paper Outline

Thesis: Hoarding is seen as unhygienic and repulsive, but it is simply a disorder due to either genetics or as a coping mechanism to trauma. While it has been linked to other problems, researchers are still trying to find better treatments for the destructive habit causing emotional, physical, and legal effects.

Hoarding In The 1990's

Between five million and 14 million people in the U.S. are compulsive hoarders. This recent and surprising finding is causing researchers to believe compulsive hoarding is more prevalent that they once thought. (Jabr) Some researchers might even contend that, that estimate is too low, due to the majority of hoarding cases go unrecognised and left untreated. Before the 1990’s, little to none was know about hoarding. There little record of hoarding prior to the twentieth century. (Penzel) Prehistorically, it was a way to save supplies and survive. The early Catholic Church viewed it as sinful. Hoarding was first mentioned in literature in one of Dante’s epic poems as well as other dramas. It slowly gained popularity throughout the nineteenth

Animal Hoarding Research Paper

How do people define what it means to be an animal hoarder? Well, it’s a person who houses a large amount of domestic animals in which they cannot provide the minimal standards it take to own an animal that usually ends up in neglect. According to ___ animal hoarding takes place in every community and affects hundreds of thousands of animals every year in the U.S. These animals face many health and behavioral issues that lead them with lifelong disabilities and even death. The harm caused to animals by hoarders clearly classifies as a form of animal abuse ().

Compulsive Hoarding Outline Essay

A. Compulsive hoarding is a common and potentially disabling problem, characterized by the accumulation of excessive clutter, to the point that parts of one's home can no longer be used for their intended purpose

Essay on Proposed Solutions to Extreme Cases of Animal Abuse

Each year, the most extreme cases of animal abuse receive media attention. Yet, the animal cruelty problem is more widespread than is reported in the media. Animal abuse and neglect is a nationwide issue, affecting thousands of animals nationwide. Cruelty to animals is defined as the infliction of physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, beyond what is necessary. There is a need to stop abusers from acting in such a horrific manner–preventing the neglect and suffering of the animals. What causes animal abusers to act in such a cruel way towards animals? How are cases of animal abuse being managed, and how should cases be handled? Finally, does the status of animals in society contribute to the rate of their abuse?

Animal Cruelty Is An Ethical And Moral Issue Essay

Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, or whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. Animal cruelty is an ethical and moral dilemma as there is no clear right or wrong answers that can solve all of the issues. There are numerous opinions on how this issue can be solved, these include;

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Animal Cruelty Essay

animal violence essay

ASPCA And Animal Cruelty

day, hundreds of animals die from hunger and abuse. The ASCPA allows abused and neglected animals to have a voice. It is an organization that provides food, shelter, and care for the animals. Even animals deserve to have the necessities that is needed in order to survive. The ASPCA, a nonprofit organization for the prevention of cruelty to animals, is a great charity that you should contribute both time and money to. It raises both awareness and money for the animals, and finds new homes…

Facts About Animal Cruelty

The sadness, pain, and feelings animals have are all the same feelings that humans have when they are treated with cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Animal cruelty is a terrible crime that can lead to serious harm or even death of innocent animals. There are many organizations that are looking to seek help against animal cruelty. Animal cruelty may not only occur when an owner beats or assaults their pet, but also during animal testing. Some owners are ignorant and do not even realize when they are…

Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws

Stricter animal cruelty laws are necessary to prevent and stop the horrendous crimes committed against defenseless animals. Animals are abused in many different ways and it happens way too often. That’s why detailed animal abuse laws are needed in society to protect these creatures. Right now there isn’t many things that seriously discourage animal abusers, if the laws and punishments were tougher it would hopefully give them more incentive to stop. Not only is the abuse harmful to the animals…

The Ethical Dilemmas Of Animal Cruelty Laws

Over 7.6 million animals are abused each year by the people who own them and people who don 't own animals. Whether at home, or on a farm, or the table, animals play a big role in the everyday life of humans. They’re companions, a good source of entertainment and livelihood, but society is faced with legal, economics, and ethical dilemmas about the proper place for each animal. Some people have recognized this and issued a new social movement, one that will be able to protect every animal from…

Should Animal Cruelty Be Illegal

Should animal cruelty be illegal? Animal cruelty is also known as animal abuse or animal neglect, which is when someone hurts and animal or does not care for an animal responsibly. Animal cruelty has been apart of the society since the ancient ages. People don’t actually see the different parts of animal cruelty, they just see it as having pets, going hunting, using them for experiments, making them fight each other, and used for entertainment. According to the ASPCA, “150,000 American horses…

Arguments Against Animal Cruelty

Animals are in and out of our everyday lives, some are used for more traditional purpose while others are just mere companions to keep us company. In most cases, people treat animals as if they were humans, while in others they are neglected, physically abused, etc. Sometimes, this cruelty to animals results in punishment by law, but in other times it is dismissed or not even looked at seriously. This raises the question about animal cruelty, should animal cruelty be punished by law? or is it…

Animal Cruelty Facts

them.” – Dalai Lama. Animals have been around for approximately 560 million years. However, people have started to treat them and act upon them in malicious ways. There are ways to prevent this, ways for citizens to educate themselves about this situations, and for prosecutions to be made. What is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is the intentional and unintentional infliction of harm and/or suffering on an animal, regardless of any of the laws against it. These inflictions include, neglect,…

Essay On Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty: An Unnecessary Evil Nayan Awale Northwestern Oklahoma State University Animal Cruelty Animal cruelty means when someone hurts an animal or does not care for the animal responsibly. Every year, millions of animals suffer through pain and unnecessary tests. Animals has been dominated by human beings long ago. They have been victimized for serious tortures, pain, isolation, and deprivation in the laboratories. Animals has become a source of food, clothing, and entertainment for…

Animal Cruelty Research Paper

Animal Cruelty Some people don't understand how depressed or hurt animals can get from being in zoo’s or in a cage or even fighting. Animal cruelty has been an issue for a very long time with people over working their animals to hard or using them for entertainment. The use of animals for entertainment or gaming causes animals to get injured or killed, they can get depressed from being in a zoo, and instead of being in a cage they should be in their natural habitat. In the case of show…

Animal Abuse In Thomas Gray's 'Animal Cruelty'

Animal Cruelty “Animal cruelty is ignored every day.” Thomas Gray once wrote, “ignorance is bliss.” Every day animals are beaten, neglected, abused, or even just struggling to survive. Animals are sometimes left in unsanitary conditions with no food water. Animals may have little hope while living from day to day without the compassion animals deserve. Some of them are lucky to get rescued, and are given the chances to see how great humans and life can be, but others are not as lucky to get the…

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animal violence essay

Essays on Animal Cruelty

The different types of animal cruelty, animal abuse around the world, the issue of mistreatment of animals at seaworld, animal abuse: is cruelty to animals justifiable for serving mankind, the need to prevent animal abuse, the problem of human cruelty to animals, animal cruelty in dog fighting across the world, animal abuse and its negative effects, causes and effects of animal abuse: mistreatment of dogs, persuasive animal rights and the importance of treating animals with respect, discussion of the issue of animal abuse, the need for strict legal punishment for animal abandonment, the reasons why animal testing should be stopped, the laws concerning animal abuse in the united states, if we truly love animals we should not support zoos, why using animals for entertainment should be banned, problem of violence against animals, the link between the cruelty of animals and humans, the responsibilities of human beings to prevent cruelty to animals, using traps to hunt wolves and other animals is immoral and cruel, the forms of animal abuse in the united states, the power of change: how you can change the world, effects of separating animals during infancy from their mothers in factory farming, animal rights and welfare around the world, animal right: understanding the importance of keeping animals safe, animals should not be kept in captivity: arguments against zoos, aquariums, and circuses, arguments for eliminating the use of animal testing, discussion: should animals be used for scientific research, the arguments against keeping animals in captivity, reasons why animal testing should be forbidden, feeling stressed about your essay.

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Animal cruelty is the infliction by omission (neglect) or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any animal. More narrowly, it can be the causing of harm or suffering for specific achievement, such as killing animals for entertainment; cruelty to animals sometimes encompasses inflicting harm or suffering as an end in itself, defined as zoosadism.

Industrial animal farming, fur industry, alleged link to human violence and psychological disorders, cultural rituals, television and filmmaking, circuses, animal fighting, rattlesnake round-ups, warfare, unnecessary scientific experiments or demonstrations, no pet policies and abandonment, hunting.

One animal is abused every minute. Dogs comprise 65% of all animals suffering abuse. Over 115 million animals – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – are killed in laboratory experiments worldwide for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing every year. Every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set by the United States Animal Welfare (AWA).

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animal violence essay

animal violence essay

Animal Cruelty Essay

Animal Cruelty has many forms, many reasons and most importantly many victims. It is a growing problem in today’s society. Many people may wonder why people abuse animals. The thought is simple, however the answer is a little more complex, there are three main types of animal cruelty. The three reasons are as follows: unintentional, intentional, and cruel intentions. I will discuss each one in more detail. Many people who abuse animals do not realize that they are actually hurting animals, this is known as unintentional. When some people try to discipline their pets they use tactics that they think is acceptable, when in reality is probably not the best way. People also abuse animals due to lack of attention, such as forgetting to feed and water the animals for a number of days. A family may take the animals with them when they leave the house, and forget to leave a window down with the animal inside. One of the biggest unintentional ways of animal cruelty is a way that many people think is helpful but is actually has a negative impact on all of the animals involved, this idea is trying to take in more animals than one can handle, they have good intentions but this is harmful to animals because it forces them to live in unhealthy conditions. There are many new cases of animal hoarding every year, with over 250,000 animals falling victim. Puppy mills are large dog breeding’s that care more about making money than the wellbeing and health of the animals. Many dogs become ill with diseases such as kidney or heart disease as a result of the conditions in which they live. There are those people however that DO abuse animals on purpose. This is known as intentional abuse. Many of the people guilty of this are people of the younger gen... ... middle of paper ... ...als found on the street were abandoned, the majority of these animals are either cats or dogs. Abandoned dogs, those animals left without supervision, reproduce, breeding puppies that are also not wanted and are mistreated as well and are neglected. In conclusion I hope to have shed some new light on just what animal cruelty is and what it consists of. I hope that with this information people will be more open to what they see. Hopefully this information will cut down on animal abuse and will make people watch out for mistreatment of animals. I hope that people will think twice before abusing animals. Animals DO have feelings. They may not be able to talk and tell us where it hurts, but they do feel pain just like humans. There are laws to protect animals just like humans. I do not feel as though the laws are strong enough nor are they enforced the way they should.

In this essay, the author

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animal violence essay


Our planet Earth is a very beautiful place. Here, all the living organisms are dependent on each other and live together. We, humans, are considered as the most intelligent species on Earth. But, we sometimes become very insensitive to the creatures who cannot express themselves, especially the animals. We harm them just to fulfill our needs. We have an essay here on cruelty towards animals which will cover the questions like - write an article on cruelty towards animals, cruelty towards animals paragraph, paragraph on stop cruelty towards animals, article on cruelty towards animals class 9 and so on.

Long Paragraph on Cruelty to Animals

Animals, just like human beings, deserve a peaceful life. Animals are an important part of our ecosystem and are very useful to us. But, we sometimes forget that they are also living creatures. We keep on harassing them and these poor creatures can't even express their feelings and grief. Cruelty towards animals have become an international matter of concern. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible and should be eliminated for ever.

We become cruel towards animals for two reasons - one to fulfill our needs and other for fun. We use animals for their fur, their skin, their meat, their teeth and horns too. Sometimes, we apply colours on them which harm their skin, we also burn crackers without thinking about them. Sometimes , the tea-shop keeper pours the hot water on the street dogs, which is a great example of cruel behaviour towards the animals.

The animal skins are used in textile industries. Their skin and body hairs are used to make exotic fabrics for us to use. Animal’s teeth, horns, skin and fur are used to make home decor items which we beautifully use to decorate our homes without thinking how much pain animals go through for giving us these luxuries.

Another industry that contributes in cruelty to animals is the cosmetic industry. Whenever we buy any cosmetic products, we always make sure that the product is safe on our skin. But, we hardly realise that these products are tested on animals before it reaches us. The chemicals are often injected in animal’s bodies or applied on their skin. Sometimes, these are tested on their eyes too. And if the test fails, it sometimes leads to the animal's death also. These tests cause itching and burning too. But,we the human beings, keep on torturing the animals for our own purposes.

Our progressing medical science also has a big role in harassing the animals and showing our cruelty towards them. For the trials of medicines, animals are selected. They are then injected with the trial medicines without thinking about their pain. They are often kept in freezing temperatures for the experiments. We also ill treat the animals at zoos and circuses. The place where they are kept is not cleaned often. Also, the feeding methods are not too hygienic. These result in various diseases and often to their death.

Many animals and birds, in the name of pets, are being sold everyday. These animals are kept in cages or are kept tied with a chain. Most often, they are beaten up. The street dogs are often beaten up by the shopkeepers if they are found roaming around. Many cows are found roaming around the garbage heaps finding food. Many times many animals are hit by the fast moving traffic. These all are the examples of cruelty towards animals.

But now it's enough! We, the human beings, who are considered as the most intelligent creatures on Earth have to stop playing with these poor creatures' lives. We have to raise our voice and stop being cruel to the animals. We have to bring new strong laws to protect the animals. Every school should teach students how to respect and protect our fellow creatures - animals. Parents themselves should treat the animals with respect and love and should teach their wards the same.

We should always keep one thing in mind that we cannot survive without animals. Everything on Earth has its own purpose. The animals help in balancing our ecosystem. We have to take a call and save our environment, our mother Earth and our animals.

Short Paragraph on Stop Cruelty Towards Animals

Cruelty means a behaviour that harms others physically or mentally. But it's a matter of shame that we only consider human beings when it comes to cruelty. We forget that animals are also living creatures and we should not be cruel to them. Just because these creatures can not express themselves as we do, we forget that what we are doing to them if someone does to us, we will die.

Human industries that contribute to this cruelty are - Textile, Cosmetics, Home Decor and many more. Animal skins and furs are used in textile industries, animal skin, fur, horns and teeths are used to make home decor items. Many animals are killed for their meat also. Animals are ill-treated in laboratories where they are used for testing and experiments. They are often kept in freezing conditions or in boiling conditions.

It is high time now that we stop abusing these poor animals. They are also living beings and are very very important to us as without them the whole ecosystem will disbalance. We should raise awareness and stop these cruelties against animals.


Cruelty to animals has become a nationwide problem nowadays. The government has already imposed a few laws and a few more are needed. Along with that, social awareness is also required. Students should learn how to treat animals in schools. Parents should also treat their pets well and teach their children. Our planet Earth is a very beautiful place. Here, all the living organisms are dependent on each other and live together. We, humans, are considered the most intelligent species on Earth. But, we sometimes become very insensitive to the creatures who cannot express themselves, especially the animals. We harm them just to fulfil our needs.

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animal violence essay

FAQs on Cruelty to Animals Essay

1. List Some Animal Protection Laws.

Here are a few laws and acts to prevent animals:

2. How do we Use Animal Teeth and Horns?

We use animal teeth and horns to make decorative pieces with which we decorate our home and offices. These decorative items are truly expensive for nature and its habitats. The most common example of animal cruelty is hunting. Animals are hunted for their meat, bones, leather or any other precious body parts. This can cause the species to be endangered or even go extinct. Another example of animal cruelty is enslaving them for entertainment or hard work. There are a lot of examples of animals being cruelty trained in circuses, kept as prisoners in zoos, or used as labourers to get the hardest jobs done.

3. What is meant by cruelty to animals?

Animal cruelty is defined as harming animals by either subjecting them to slavery, product-testing, or hunting. Killing endangered species for their meat, bones, or leather also comes under animal cruelty and is a punishable offence. The government of India has passed a lot of laws that prevent cruelty to animals from happening on a large scale. But still, in some neglected places like undeveloped villages, slums, or forests, these activities are followed illegally. And the government and some big governing bodies like PETA are working hard towards eradicating any kind of animal cruelty.

4. How does cruelty affect animals?

Cruelty towards animals can be dangerous for their overall species. There are a lot of examples like dodos, sabre tooth tigers, etc that have gone extinct because of excessive hunting. It is also morally incorrect to torture any living thing to die for the sake of an experiment. That's why animal testing is also banned. Animal testing is another example of animal cruelty and can hurt animals and even cruelly kill them. Animal cruelty should be banned completely.

5. How can we prevent animal cruelty?

There are very clear action steps to take to prevent animal cruelty. We can be responsible pet owners and start showing love and affection towards the animals at our home. We can adopt or at least hand over the abandoned baby animals we find on the streets to animal care centres. We can prohibit the use of animal-tested cosmetics or any products. We can even file a complaint against anyone who is abusing stray animals or harming them.

Cruelty To Animals Essays

Animal testing should be banned.

Many organizations are debating whether animal testing ought to be banned in the U. S. Some believe that animal testing ought to be done. At the same time, others believe that animal testing is completely wrong. Some experts believe that other options can be available instead of doing the test on animals. Using animals to test the safety of certain products and for medical research purposes is wrong, and it should be made a point that the pain and suffering […]

Animal Research for Human Benefit is Unnecessary

Most people believe animal testing is essential to drug and vaccine research. Which is true, in a sense, because scientist have come up with a lot of vaccines for certain viruses. However, during the process, animals are treated poorly and their cages are in awful conditions. Most of the chemicals being administered into these patients are not safe for them, which sometimes results in death. Not only that, animals cannot comprehend what humans can. They cannot speak for themselves. These […]

Cruelty to Animals and Animal Testing

Animal cruelty can be defined in many ways: Being violent to animals in any way, failure to provide for animals, being neglectful to animals. Also causing animals psychological harm in the form of distress, torment or terror may also constitute animal cruelty (RSPCA). For example when picking out eyeliner or other makeup products, do people stop to see at the stores what kind of makeup they are buying and using? People could be supporting animal testing and cruelty and not […]

Animal Cruelty under the Big Top

P.T. Barnum, who is credited with the creation of the traditional American circus, once said, “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” Barnum, often regarded as the “Greatest Showman”, used his talents to market a new kind of entertainment: a show based on human curiosities and unprecedented phenomena. The circus focuses on providing family-friendly amusement with bright lights, booming music, exotic animals and of course; peanuts and cotton candy. However, things are not as innocent as they seem […]

Reasons of Animal Cruelty

“The Humane Society of the United States estimates that nearly 1 million animals a year are abused or killed in episodes of domestic violence” (Rajewski). Animal abuse is referred to as an act of intentional mistreatment against animals and is inflicted by humans for reasons other than survival or self-defense. The topic of animal cruelty has been debated for an extremely long time, but nothing has changed for the past decade, and people continue to use violence against animals. It […]

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The Americans for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA

Introduction Service learning and community partnership incorporates academic learning into service projects that becomes more common and popular in today’s community. What it does is teaches us about the history and needs of the agency being helped as well as seeing positive changes that their involvement makes. Just by incorporating different aspects of learning into community service, we can become invested in their work and more likely to stay committed to the cause. The cause of the agency is to […]

The Cruelty in Animal Testing

Every year in the United States, it is estimated that tens of millions of animals are used for research and testing purposes (Animal Experimentation 50).These animals are usually mice, rats, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, non-human primates, and other farm animals. Test animals undergo testing for cosmetics and household products, trials for new medicines, and scientific experiments. These tests and experiments are uncomfortable and often painful for the animals. The United States has laws to help protect animals, but there are […]

Types of Animal Cruelty

The definition of animal cruelty varies from person to person and although it is talked about occasionally, many people tend to downplay the seriousness of it. Animal abuse comes in many forms such as scientific research, abandonment, mistreatment, and so on. The experimentation and cruelty committed should be banned because animals share the same basic rights as humans. Without a doubt, mistreatment of animals is the most common form of animal cruelty. It comes in many forms which are: animal […]

What is Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty is the act of humans inflicting harm and suffering onto an animal. This can include neglect, animal fighting, and overt abuse. In the United States, an animal is abused every ten seconds. Animal protection organizations are working to stop animal cruelty everywhere. Many of these organizations believe in animal rights and animal welfare. Animal rights activists usually go to the extremes, and will even break laws to make a statement to the public. One point of contention for […]

The Definition of Animal Cruelty

The definition of animal cruelty is the infliction by omission or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human. A car like any other is driving down the street, rain pounding on the windshield. The girl in the passenger seat sees a dark blur on the side of the road. She focuses on it, and sees a soaked dog, whose fur is severely matted, and covered in mud. Its tail had no wag, and it was so […]

Industrial Farm Animal Welfare in the United States

Industrial farm animal welfare is horrendous, only two federal laws protect these animals which proves this true. Firstly, the law regarding trucking animals states that every 28 hours they are unloaded from the truck for rest, water and food. Trucks aren’t required to be cleaned during this rest period. Meaning the livestock has to stand in feces during travel. Secondly, livestock be quickly rendered insensible to pain before being slaughtered. These laws aren’t actively enforced leading to increased animal cruelty. […]

Housing Animals in Zoos is Inhumane

In the recent times, the practice of housing animals in zoos has become a major problem and a point of debate among different stakeholders, zoo advocated and animal rights advocates across the world. Everybody has a different opinion on the issue with some advocating for the act while others are against it. For instance, in the article Increasing Legal Rights for Zoo Animals, the author stated that, animal rights activists, have been arguing that, housing animals in zoos violates their […]

Cruelty to Animals in Circuses

The circus was created by a man named Philip Astley. Astley had served in the seven years war and when he was discharged he decided to imitate the trick- riders. In 1768, he opened up a riding school and had a building that was a circular area which he called the circle, or circus. In 1770 Astley decided his performance needed more novelty and added acrobats, rope-dancers, and jugglers to perform alongside his horse displays. By the late 1700’s there […]

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Essay About Cruelty to Animals A case arose in Birmingham where the former attorney killed his Staffordshire Terrier brutally by lacerating his throat region. The law took the action against this animal violence and the former attorney was convicted to probation. However, the former attorney violated another sanction as he was in contact with his ex-wife. The judge punished him by sending him to jail for a day. According to John Willey, the attorney of James Stewart Robinson, he was punished to a 5-year sentence which was previously suspended, and 3 years probation as well. This punishment was under the class C felony brutality against innocent animals. In addition, 1 year suspended sentence followed by 2-year probation was for the domestic violence and harassment charge. The proceedings are still continuing as the domestic violence charge has been appealed to the circuit court directly from the Vestavia Municipal Court. The retired Clay County Circuit Judge John Rochester was specifically appointed for this hearing and according to Wiley the one day jail was also imposed by John Rochester. Wiley further explained that St Clair County, who was also specifically appointed for this hearing, told Rochester right before the Friday hearing that the culprit had emailed the Happy New Year and the Merry Christmas messages during the Christmas time to his ex-wife. He further stated, “Not threatening or ugly, really just Merry Christmas. But, (his ex-wife) didn’t like him (Robinson) contacting her even in that way, according to the DA, and she contacted them about it”. Rochester had ordered Robison very clearly in the hearing that was held in July that he will have no contact with his ex-wife and the one day jail was the result of the violation of the orders. In an email to Wiley stated that “We are very happy to have this unfortunate incident finally resolved and we believe that the resolution reached is a good, fair and appropriate one”. Another District attorney appointed fir this case from the St Clair County had not taken any action on the request of the comment prior to the story publication. Robison was found guilty of class C felony, first degree brutality to a dog and domestic violence of third degree. According to the records of the court, the domestic violence charge was related to the picture of a dog with a lacerated throat he had texted to his ex-wife. He had also left a voice note for her stating “your day is coming girl’. Robinson pleaded for probation but the Rochester ordered the officers to conduct a pre-sentencing report before he jumps to the conclusion of the case. Robison admitted during the hearing that he has crossed his limits by killing Rufus. He further said that he had an addiction to Adderall as he was suffering from ADHD. Rochester forced Robinson to explain the exact act of killing the dog. Robinson responded after a minor pause “I killed him by slicing his throat”. As a lawyer, Robinson was inactive since his arrest. He also apologized for his doings after he was found guilty. Dwight Sloan, Jefferson’s County Sheriff’s animal cruelty investigator, was appointed for the case investigation. Robison talked about his drug addiction and he said that he is trying to recover and he has been helping other lawyers dealing with drug addiction. It happened when he developed a strong addiction to Adderall right in 2009. As a result of it, in 2012, his wife filed for a divorce. He further explained about his addiction that he got furious, deprived of sleep and he killed Rufus exactly when he was on Adderall. He also said that “Rufus was a very loving dog and I am horrified that I crossed a line that never in a million years I thought I would cross”. After being charged with cruelty to the dog, Robinson surrendered. The five-month probe was also a part of this investigation which involves canine exhumation and an investigation that was conducted in the Florida Animal Forensic Lab. The story comes with a very convincing message that no matter how much powerful you are, everyone is equal before the law and every living being deserves all the fundamental rights either it is an animal or a human being.

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Causes and Effects of Animal Cruelty

What are the causes and effects of animal cruelty? What is the impact of animal abuse on the environment and society? How to stop it? Find the answers below.

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Animal abuse means acts of neglect or violence that cause the pain and suffering of domestic and wild animals. With the development of modern civilization, this problem and the attention to it have been continuously increasing. According to Tanner (2015), today, “condemnation of cruelty to animals is virtually unanimous” (p. 818). Despite the public disapproval of animal abuse, little is being done when the cases occur. Moreover, numerous acts of animal neglect are not generally considered as cruel due to the lack of awareness in society. Therefore, it is vitally important to understand the negative impact of animal maltreatment on society, particular individuals, and the animals to realize the seriousness of the problem and take decisive actions.

Impact & Causes of Animal Abuse: Presentation of the Problem

Humans stand in the most dominating position among all the species of Planet Earth. They are the ones who run farms, circuses and decide whether to buy, adopt, or abandon a pet. The influence of humans has even spread onto wild animals as they can kill them while hunting or destroy their environment. According to Cooper (2018), domestic animals and pets exist exclusively at human mercy. However, this should not mean that people are free to do anything they want to animals, but, instead, signifies the responsibility of humans for treating animals properly. Although the use of farm animals for food, leather, and fur is not considered cruel by most of society, the practices that provoke unnecessary suffering and pain should not be tolerated.

It should be mentioned that animal maltreatment commonly appears in two forms – passive and active. Passive cruelty is the act of making animals suffer without vicious motives, usually for commercial purposes. Hurting animals in such a way does not imply aggression from humans; nevertheless, such acts show irresponsibility from people in their attitude to animals. This type of animal cruelty comprises such phenomena as inhumane farming, training animals for entertainment shows, neglect, starvation, and abandonment. Acts of animal maltreatment are considered illegal in the US. However, they often happen throughout the country as it is difficult to prove them and to find out who is guilty.

As the reasons for passive cruelty often lie in ignorance or indifference, active cruelty means deliberate and aggressive actions against animals to hurt and torture them. Acts of violence against animals are studied more thoroughly by scholars from various fields of study as they touch different aspects of social life such as psychology, psychiatry, education studies, and criminalistics. Cruelty as a psychological issue, especially at a young age, is a subject of concern for parents and teachers, as such acts speak for psychical disorders.

Animal Cruelty Causes

The history of relationships between humans and animals is thousands of years long. Our predecessors used animals for food and work as we do now, but initially, this use was motivated by necessity. Today, people are not as much dependent on animals, as there are various sources of food, and they do not need to put animals to work as machines are more effective than horses or oxen. Despite this, the exploitation of animals has only increased with the development of civilization. The question is, what makes people act cruelly towards animals if it is not a necessity.

Several reasons cause people to be cruel to animals today. First of all, commercial motives should be mentioned as the desire to maximize profit from farming leads to animal exploitation, such as factory farming. Testing products on animals is also a step in pursuit of commercial goals. Entertaining shows with animals, such as circuses or bullfighting, were initially present in many cultures. However, the main reason that they are still present despite the modern-day awareness is that they bring money.

Secondly, ignorance and indifference are the reasons that mostly cause violence towards pets. Some people use cruel types of training or inhumane procedures such as declawing of cats without knowing that they hurt their pets. Other people do not care about pets and neglect them. For example, they can leave a cat or a dog at home alone for several days without food and water, or leave them freezing outside at night. Irresponsible treatment is illegal and should be punished, but such cases are rarely reported.

Sheer aggression is probably the most clamant reason for cruelty to animals. Psychologists who study the nature of delinquent behavior claim that there is no specific type of aggression aimed at animals. As Hoffer, Hargreaves-Company, Muirhead, and Meloy (2018) claim, it is possible to predict the violence to humans by assessing the abuse of young people to animals. Their research shows that, in most cases, animals become victims only because they are weaker and cannot protect themselves from human rudeness.

Animal Cruelty Effects

From the ethical point of view, cruelty to animals should not be tolerated. It is illegal to make animals feel pain or suffer, and it should be punished. However, punishment, as it is rare and weak, is not a deterrent to animal abuse. That is why the awareness should be raised about the effect of cruelty to animals on society. After taking the first look at commercial maltreatment of animals, it seems that there is no negative influence on society, as people seem only to benefit from it.

Nonetheless, factory farming can lead to the transmission of infections among animals. Such outbreaks of diseases transmitted through products of animal origin are registered in the US almost every year. In addition to this, the exploitation of animals, especially with entertaining purposes, leads to cultural and ethical degradation of society.

Indifference and ignorance of pets can have disastrous outcomes for them, as in the result of such treatment, many of them die, starve or become abandoned. Children, raised in families where cruelty to animals is tolerated, have the perception that it is a norm and are likely to continue this tradition. As a result of abandonment, cities are flooded with stray animals, which negatively influence the welfare of residents.

Psychologists say that there is a direct link between violence to animals and people (Bright et al., 2018). Deliberate, aggressive behavior to animals has been self-reported by numbers of juvenile offenders, as the study shows. According to Bright, Huq, Applebaum, and Hardt, animal abuse is a sign of delinquency: “Compared to the larger group of juvenile offenders, the children admitting to engaging in animal cruelty are younger at the time of the first arrest” (p. 287). Reporting and assessing such incidents is necessary, as it can serve for prediction and prevention of further aggression against humans.

The analysis of the effect cruelty to animals has on the society shows that there are numerous negative consequences of such acts, as there are no animal abuse cases that have absolutely no outcomes. The effects on humans are different, but the effect on animals is always the same – creatures capable of affection and devotion are suffering and dying. Viewing animals only as objects can not lead to effective and happy co-existence, whereas compassion and care provide mutual gain.

Bright, M. A., Huq, M. S., Spencer, T., Applebaum, J. W., & Hardt, N. (2018). Animal cruelty as an indicator of family trauma: Using adverse childhood experiences to look beyond child abuse and domestic violence. Child Abuse & Neglect, 76 , 287–296. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2017.11.011.

Cooper, D. E. (2018). Animals and misanthropy . London, UK: Routledge.

Hoffer, T., Hargreaves-Company, H., Muirhead, Y., & Meloy, J. R. (2018). Violence in animal cruelty offenders. New York, NY: Springer Nature.

Tanner, J. (2015). Clarifying the concept of cruelty: What makes cruelty to animals cruel. The Heythrop Journal, 56 (5), 818–835. doi: 10.1111/heyj.12122.

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Animal Abuse Essay

Innocent Eyes Every year, over 1,000 innocent animals are abused. Some abandoned, neglected, hoarded, shot, stabbed, and even burnt alive. Some people enjoy dog fights. All at the expense of the animal. But they don’t care. No one cares enough to stop these people. In most cases, the animals did nothing to deserve what they received. People can be very cruel. They don’t realize that these animals have a life too and they matter. They don’t deserve to be beaten down and neglected. Speaking for the animals; we are not your punching bag. Abuse is defined as treating a person or thing with cruelty and violence. One can abuse his power as a representative. One can abuse his rights given to him. And one can abuse another person. Abuse is a negative term that no one wants to be known for. But why do people continue to do it in many different aspects? For the fun of it? Or to gain something for themselves. We may never know the thought process behind the crazy actions of abuse. But it is still there and animals are still being mistreated. An astounding 2,339 cases of animal cruelty in the U.S. happened in 2006. The majority from neglect/abandonment and second to fighting. Owners need to realize that they are responsible for their pet. They need to watch over them and take care of them the right way. Others that only have the animal to watch fight other animals, need to realize how wrong it is! We need to take a stand and make sure that animal abuse and cruelty is illegal everywhere! The animals can’t talk or fight back; we need to be the ones to help them. We need to be their voice. There are many different types of abuse someone can do to an animal. Some are more severe than others. Some may only hurt the animal for one day and some can kill them instantly. The leading type of abuse is neglect/ abandonment. There were a reported 187 cases in 2012. This is when someone leaves an animal in an abandoned house, lets them run away, fails to provide for them, etc. All very unnecessary because taking care of an animal is not difficult. If someone did not want the animal, they could have given it to a shelter instead of neglecting it. Owners should not own unless they are prepared for the responsibilities it requires. The second cause is hoarding, with 100 reported cases in 2012. This is when an owner keeps a large amount of animals or just clutter in their home and the animal is overwhelmed and then possibly neglected. For example, an old lady could keep a hundred cats in her house. But if she can’t provide for all of them all of the time, some may die. The third leading cause is shooting with 63 cases in 2012. This is just a stupid situation to me. How can someone be so cruel as to shoot an animal? In some cases I understand that the animal could be out of control and harming a human. But in other cases people just do it for the fun of it, and that’s messed up to say the least. The fourth cause is beating with 46 cases in 2012. There is never a justified reason to take your anger out on an animal. They don’t deserve to be beaten. This just saddens me. The fifth and final cause I will discuss is torture, with 33 cases in 2012. This is a pretty broad category but I am sure none of us want to know what it consists of. I cannot even imagine what some sick people do to animals. I am not able to understand how someone can do such a thing to an animal, or anyone for that matter. It is pretty clear there is many ways an animal can be abused. But these are only the major reported cases. Imagine how many cases are left unsolved, untold, and some we don’t even know about yet. And what about the smaller types of abuse? Abuse can also be when an owner does not give their pet the vaccines they need. If they do not put on flea and tick medicines, that can also be abuse. They are allowing their pet to obtain these diseases and not doing anything to prevent it. Even worse yet, if their pet has worms/fleas/ticks, and they know about it and are Show More

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or stab animals or set them on fire. Those who abuse animals are very likely to be violent to other people—even their own family—too. Neglect is not giving an animal the right food, water, shelter or vet care. Because their misery goes on for so long, animals who die of neglect can suffer just as much as animals who are harmed on purpose. All U.S. states have animal cruelty laws, and 47 states treat some forms of abuse as felonies. Farmers and researchers can do cruel things to animals that other…

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Every day in the United States animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival. Some are found and rescued, given the chance to experience how great life and humans can be while others aren't so lucky. To grow as a nation everyone should fight for these abused animals' rights and severely punish heartless owners. It is up to us to speak for these creatures who lack a voice, for who will if we don't?Active cruelty, is a well known type of harm to animals. Sometimes referred to as non-accidental…

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Irene Barrera English 2 Mr. Pierce 21 February 2014 End Animal Abuse Have you ever adopted an abused animal? If so have you ever been cruel to an animal? Well if you have you should know that cruelty to animals is bad. First, there are ways that you can prevent animal abuse. Second, if you train your to be violent and take your “pet” to fight another animal you can also go to jail for that. Finally, animals have reputation not because they are aggressive it’s because they are being trained to be aggressive…

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the world are abused, thousands of animals are being abused this very second. Some people think animal abuse is the right thing to do, if their animal is not obeying their command. They think that if an animal attacks someone they should be euthanized right away with no regard to how the animal behaves in a familiar environment. Animal abuse is wrong because it is torture to an animal and they cannot defend themselves so we need to stop animal abuse. animal abuse is an issue world wide we need to…

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Assyrian Empire and the Persian Empire were two of the earliest major empires in the world. The Assyrians were powerful from about 900 to about 600 BC. The Persian Empire came afterwards, holding power beginning around 550 BC. Both were empires in what we now call the Middle East. Both were monarchies. However, there were very important differences between the two.A good way to express these differences is to say that, from our perspective, the Persian Empire was more enlightened. Because of…

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never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” Animal cruelty is the act of intentionally imposing harm upon a creature via one of various methods. Despite the efforts of numerous people, animal abuse from the Victorian Era still somewhat persists emotionally and physically, however, it has increased in importance after the intentions of various organizations. Firstly, a major difference between the Victorian Era and current times is prevention for animal cruelty established by new laws and regulations…

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Essay Service Examples Social Issues Animal Rights

Animal Cruelty Essays

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Animal Rights Organisations

As the number of zoos began to increase throughout the 20th century, concerns for animal rights also began to rise (Cengage, 2020). Therefore, the animal rights movement began with aims to stop cruelty toward animals (Cengage, 2020). There are many definitions of animal rights, however, one explained by Peta states, ‘We believe that every being with a will to live has the right to live free from exploitation and suffering.’ Therefore, many organizations formed to help against the exploitation of animals. Peta further explained that,

Animal rights are based on ethical and moral philosophy. It has been discussed by some of the world’s most influential thinkers, from historical figures such as Pythagoras and Leonardo da Vinci – who embraced vegetarianism – to Jeremy Bentham, the founder of the utilitarian school of philosophy, who famously identified animals’ capacity for suffering as the characteristic that gives them a right to equal consideration. (2020)

To further support the relationship between a rise in zoos and concerns for animal rights, Munro stated ‘although the animal rights concept originated in the nineteenth century England, the serious social and political movement was in the United States in the 1970s’ (2005, p.5). This provides further evidence that there was no major movement until the late 20th century when zoos became increasingly more popular.

Animal rights organizations are in place because ‘animals can’t fight for themselves’ as stated by Sentient Media (2018). There are around 7,000 organizations, with millions of members who help fight for animal rights (Freeman, 2008). Some organizations focus on all aspects of animal welfare, whereas other organizations focus their efforts on specific concerns such as captivity. Examples of organizations are listed below;

Compassion Works International

Compassion Works International focuses its efforts on animals held captive by the entertainment industry, also those held for testing, fur, and food (Compassion Works International, 2020). This organization was founded in America in 2013, where they focus on improving the strategies used within the animal rights movement (LinkedIn, 2020). To further support my investigation, this organization campaigned to end captive industries such as modern zoos and aquariums. (Compassion Works International, 2020).

Above, are images for Compassion Works International’s latest campaign ‘Freedom Matters’, an anti-captivity demonstration held on October 10th, 2020 (Compassion Works International, 2020). This is an annual event held outside locations such as Dallas Zoo and Mississippi Aquarium (Compassion Works International, 2020). They started their reasonings behind this campaign was to ‘help visitors of zoos and other captivity industries wake up to the fact that animals are no more suited to being jailed than you or I’ (2020). Propaganda theory has been used in figures five and six to persuade zoo visitors to avoid captivity industries by only including ‘freedom matters to all’. The use of this message along with photographs of individual animals demonstrates that they are only displaying selected information to influence the audience’s opinion on zoos. Furthermore, the composition of the photographs highlights them being confined, as the cage shadow is across the tiger demonstrating little freedom.

Captive Animals Protection Society

Captive Animals Protection Society commonly referred to as Freedom for Animals, is another Animal Rights Organisation that focuses its efforts on freeing animals out of their cages. (REFERENCE). The society was founded in 1957, and since then they have carried out research into the captivity industry, as well as running many awareness and educational campaigns to express their concerns on animal welfare. (Begg, 2020).

The images above are social media posts for one of their latest campaigns, ‘No More Zoo Secrets’, where the organization focuses on educating its audience on the issue of zoos and aquariums being bailed out by the government, using taxpayers money (Freedom for Animals, 2020). A quote by Freedom for Animals demonstrates the lack of transparency we have between zoos by stating, ‘Zoos claim to be all about conservation yet there is no requirement for them to publish how many animals they release into the wild. So what exactly are they doing?’ (2020). This further questions the nature of a zoo. Similar to ‘Freedom Matters’, Freedom for Animals represents the cruelty within zoos by using imagery of animals pressed up against their cages, suggesting they have little space to roam. This approach also highlights propaganda theory as they have selected the images to influence the audience that zoos do not provide adequate space for wild animals.


Cruelty to Animals: Adopt a Dog - Save a Life

Persuasive speech about animal rights and need to defend them, persuasive essay on animal rights, animal cruelty in science, zoos and sport, animal cruelty in australia: reasons and preventions.

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Cruelty to Animals: How Can You Stop Animal Cruelty and What Companies Stop Animal Cruelty

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